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Creating a contemporary dining room

with exotic lacquered furniture, warm

walnut furniture or light Oak

4 Living specialise in high quality dining room furniture including oriental dining tables, oriental sideboards, oriental console tables and oriental cabinets. We also offer contemporary dining furniture, lacquered dining room furniture, eco-friendly, dark wood and walnut furniture

Creating a contemporary style dining room


The key to designing a contemporary style dining room is to first decide on what elements to combine to create the look. Is your contemporary dining room going to be open plan with clean lines as in the minimalistic oriental style? Are you going for dark wood furniture such as walnut for the key pieces? Or do you prefer lighter woods such as our eco friendly bamboo?

Your choice of finish these days is staggering and here at 4 Living, we have gathered a collection of some of the very finest dining room furniture pieces to help you pull your contemporary dining room look together. Contemporary dining room furniture is chic, casual, practical and welcoming. Your dining room is, after all, set aside for spending quality time with your family and entertaining. The room needs to feel desirable and modern, it needs to feel like a place in which your guests are happy to stay and chat. It must feel spacious and comfortable not cramped and uncomfortable.

A contemporary style dining room finds that balance between the modern and the personal. The real beauty of this design ethic is that it allows you to be yourself, to express yourself and to let that expression shine through in your décor and furnishing style. It’s a great idea to incorporate natural elements into your room set where possible. This can be done through the addition of plant life and flowers or through the use of natural light.

Open plan kitchen / diners which are more sociable than traditional dining room spaces, lend themselves to the lighter wood hues of bamboo and caramel. Many contemporary open plan dining areas are given over to this lighter, eco friendly bamboo furniture style, as it lends itself to the feeling of openness and space. These areas tend to be much less formal and rather than being places in which family and guests would use only to dine, they are tending now, to be areas of the home, enjoyed by everyone for longer periods.

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The dining table


Contemporary dining tables are by no means ornate, they do not have any of the traditional overhangs seen in older style dining room tables, neither do they have any of the intricate carving so popular in pieces from years gone by. The trend nowadays is for clean, uncomplicated lines and simple shapes like squares and circles with the emphasis being put on the free flow of movement and openness.

A round or square dining table instantly removes the sometimes contentious position of head of table, putting everyone on an even keel. The removal of this position of perceived power serves to help everyone at the table feel as though they are an equal part of a whole and this can assist with communication and relaxation.

Dining chairs


When choosing dining chairs for a contemporary dining space a key consideration is comfort. Leather seated dining chairs which are extremely comfortable and modern in design, match well with contemporary dining tables since they too are not ornate but simple, stylish and elegant. Choose leather dining chairs in simple colours such as cream or chocolate brown for a natural clean look.

Other furniture


Within any contemporary dining room, there is a need for other furniture items. Sideboards, consoles, side tables and mirrors all have their place. Well placed wall mirrors for example will visually double the size of your dining room and side cabinets or sideboards are ideal for stowing cutlery and crockery and for hiding away clutter. Cabinets designed in the contemporary style will add to the look of your dining room as will consoles and contemporary side tables.

The 4 Living Ranges


Bamboo furniture


Our eco friendly bamboo range has been designed by British designer Jo-Anne Wright exclusively for 4Living and we are delighted to be the first UK company to launch such a collection. Our bamboo furniture is long-lasting yet delicate and its subtle caramel tones present an excellent colour palette which works well with many different colour schemes.

Bamboo grows very quickly and reaches full maturity within just one growing season and can grow as much as a meter a day in season. It does not require replanting since the roots remain in the ground after harvest and the plant grows back afterwards. Known as one of the most eco friendly plants there is, Bamboo will turn three times as much carbon dioxide into oxygen as trees and its roots are very effective at preventing soil erosion because they knit together so tightly

Extremely versatile and very hard like Oak, it is the perfect medium for creating fine furniture pieces and the reason we decided to create a contemporary bamboo furniture collection. Interestingly although bamboo is very strong and often tougher than most hard woods, it is technically a grass. Our Boutique bamboo furniture range is finished in two colours; natural caramel and dark chocolate. Both finishes reveal the unique and distinctive grain of the "wood".

We only use the cleanest E0 European standard adhesives and water based lacquer finishes in our bamboo furniture making processes, making it a truly eco-friendly furniture collection. As with our other furniture collections our bamboo eco furniture is wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging.

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Oriental furniture


Our range of oriental furniture takes as its inspiration, the traditional Chinese furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Each piece within this stunning black lacquered furniture collection is designed to perfectly compliment all the other pieces in the range. This means that whichever item you choose from our range of traditional Chinese beds, chests of drawers, tables, or chairs, there is a wide choice of other black lacquered furniture to match. This enables you to easily achieve an oriental feel in any room or throughout your entire home. In common with traditional Chinese furniture, each piece of reclaimed pine or solid ash is lacquered seven times to create that unmistakably Chinese classic black lacquered furniture look.

If you love the style of this furniture but black simply won’t fit with you colour scheme, then you now have the choice of going for the same beautifully lacquered Chinese style furniture in linen white. Our range of linen white lacquered furniture has proved extremely popular and we are adding to it all the time. Currently the range comprises of side tables, trunks, console tables with matching square mirrors and large sideboards and more pieces are to follow shortly.

Both the black lacquered furniture and white lacquered furniture styles on offer feature the stressed edging detail which defines furniture pieces from this era. Our lacquered furniture is also fitted with brass handles. This undeniably modern slant on the classic Chinese furniture tradition makes our oriental furniture fit perfectly into any home, whatever your existing décor and style may be.

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Walnut furniture


The rich and varied tones of walnut wood are unusual and highly prized in furniture making. The mix of reds, browns, yellows and black present the ideal palette from which to work, to create the perfect room setting within your home. We have two walnut wood ranges on offer, one features pine or ash wood covered in a walnut veneer and the other is created from solid walnut.

We use English and Black walnut in our furniture making. It has a gorgeous straight grain becoming slightly waved toward the root. The colours vary depending on which layers of the trunk are being used. The dark, almost black, walnut wood comes from the centre of the trunk and the wood becomes lighter in colour the closer it gets to the outer layer.

Solid walnut wood was used extensively throughout the 17th Century to create intricately designed furniture pieces. A testament to its strength and longevity is that many of these pieces still exist today fetching high prices at auction. The fashion for today’s furniture is one of contemporary simplicity and so you won't find walnut furniture pieces made with the same degree of intricate carving. This does not make these pieces any less desirable or hardwearing however and it is likely that our pieces will be just as sought after and highly prized, in the centuries to come.

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