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Made From Oak and Teak

The high quality wooden dressers from 4 Living provide the perfect balance of everyday functionality and elegant contemporary style. 4 Living offer wooden dressers in different shapes, sizes and woods; there will always be one suit your home. A large piece such as a solid Oak or Teak wooden dresser will last a lifetime if cared for properly. 4 Living believe that a bold statement piece should have the resilience to stand up to the wear of everyday use, and not simply be there to enhance aesthetics.

Wooden Dressers

Our contemporary wooden dressers will be at home in any kitchen, dining area or anything in between. Typically, wooden dressers would be made from pine or oak and would have a very traditional appearance. 4 Living's selection of high quality solid wood dressers are a contemporary and elegant take on that traditional model. The clean and symmetrical lines of the ‘Flat’ dresser, combined with the nourished, smooth wood and glazed doors, make it a stunningly good looking contemporary dining room piece. The ‘flat’ dresser is available as either a 150cm or 200cm. The dresser has cupboards and drawer in its lower section and glazed doors on the upper, slightly shallower, portion. (the difference between 150cm and 200cm represents one extra cupboard, drawer and glazed door.) The glazed wooden dresser enables you to store your dishes, books or ornaments without having to hide them. The spacious cupboards provide more than adequate storage for unwanted household clutter, dishes, cutlery, books, DVD’s and all the other things which you would rather not have on display. The contemporary lines of the piece ensure that it will fit seamlessly with other item of contemporary furniture, and the soft wood tone will ensure it does not look out of place beside a less angular, more traditional piece.

4 Living are proud to offer wooden dressers to suit all interiors, because not everybody lives in a show home. The ‘pure’ wooden dresser from 4 Living is available in both a warm glazed oak and dark high quality teak. Both pieces are available as 150cm, 200cm or 250cm wide, which gives you flexibility in both size and price. The slightly golden tone of the glazed oak makes for a more traditional looking wood finish. The bottom portion of the dresser consists of solid sliding doors and a shelved storage area. The natural tone of the solid oak will ensure that the dresser, however large, will not command too much attention. The sliding doors on the piece are a really nice contemporary touch, which fits perfectly with the smooth lines and cut of the oak. The ‘pure’ dresser provides the combination of usability and style, essential to the modern home.

When you are looking for contemporary furniture, you are often looking for something slightly eye catching or out of the ordinary. The Oak ‘burn’ dresser is certainly eye catching. Available as either 154cm or 200cm wide and standing at 220cm tall, the ‘burn’ dresser is a popular and modern piece. Unlike the other solid oak dresser in the collection, the ‘burn’ dresser has been steamed in a high pressure environment in order to create a darker and warmer tone, not usually associated with oak. Whether you are looking to add warmer tones to cold and minimalistic room, or you are looking to create a dining/living area with an array of warm tones, the versatility of this dresser will benefit you. The cupboards in the bottom half of the dresser have contemporary recessed handles either side of the central door. The glass doors cover 4 large storage shelves, as well as elegantly spreading light across the room. Both sizes provide excellent storage, however the larger size has an extra door on both levels. The steaming of the oak may have made it a darker tone, but it’s important to note that not only will this colour not fade, but it will look great alongside a more natural oak tone. A light oak dining table with oak leg chairs, for example, is the perfect accompaniment to the warmth and size of the ‘burn’ dresser. All of the oak dressers, if cared for properly, will last a lifetime.

Resilience should be a contributing factor when deciding on a large piece of furniture such as a wooden dresser. When it comes to durability and resilience, there is no substitute for teak. Usually associated with outdoor furniture, teak has a smooth grain and a rich tone. Natural oils in the wood ensure that it can cope with surface scratches and liquid spills incredibly well. 4 Living are proud to offer teak, as well as oak, in the contemporary ‘pure’ design. The ‘groove’ dresser provides a comforting balance between contemporary right and angles and rectangles, and nourished and natural wood grain. The facade of the bottom half is cut out of one solid piece of teak and split into 16 rectangular panels. The top 4 panels are 4 storage drawers and the bottom twelve are actually 4 cupboards. The contemporary symmetry of the panels provides wonderful juxtaposition with the visible knots and grains in the teak. This juxtaposition between contemporary design and natural tones is what makes the wooden dressers from 4 Living beautiful additions to any home.

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