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How To Care For Your White Wood Furniture

White wood furniture that has been lacquer coated to a high shine needs very little in the way of maintenance. Its high gloss, multi layered finish makes it extremely durable and resistant to everyday knocks and staining and this makes it the ideal furniture type for busy homes and for families children and pets. One of the beauties of lacquer coated white wood furniture is that it never needs polishing. The finish is such that it maintains that just polished appearance for the length of its lifetime. Sure it will need dusting down, as does every piece of furniture but, polishing it certainly wont need.

The lacquering on our white wood furniture will ensure that it never loses its lustre but this will not prevent it from becoming marked if say, it where to come into contact with the bottom of a wet coffee or tea cup. In this case you will be left with a ring mark the same size and shape as the cup or saucer that made contact with it. This however, is where lacquered white wood furniture comes into its own; instead of potentially being marked for life, and that mark serving as a constant reminder of a moment’s thoughtlessness, as would be the case with other woods, our lacquer finished white wood furniture will simply require a wipe down with a damp cloth followed by a dry wipe to be fully restored to its former glory.

It is of course a good idea to use coasters or table mats when standing drinks on your white wood coffee table or side board, as these will stop your furniture getting spoilt by heat damage.

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Why White Wood Furniture?

Since there are so many wood colours and variants available, it can be difficult to choose a wood colour to suit your style of décor. Lacquered white wood furniture, does away with this difficulty since the colour is uniform throughout the range, this makes it much easier to dress and decorate around.

Whilst all furniture is subject to wear and tear over time and our white wood furniture is no exception, it is a lot more resilient than other types of wooden furniture. You will still need to maintain it and show it some tender loving care once in a while, especially those pieces that experience high volumes of passing foot traffic like wardrobes, chests and tables, but in general, it can look after itself. 

The Legs

Whenever we hoover around the legs of our furniture, we run the risk of denting or scratching our wood’s surface and whilst the same is true of your lacquered white wood furniture, it is not true to the same extent. Lacquered white wood furniture has been layer coated so many times as to make damage through knocks virtually impossible and an added bonus is that should you happen to scuff the wood then with a bit of elbow grease, any marks will just come clean off.