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The living room is one of the most important rooms in your house and it is a room that we spend a large proportion of our time. This means it is worth spending some time and effort to get your room looking and feeling as stylish and comfortable as possible. Furnishing it with high quality items from the amazing walnut living room furniture range available from 4 Living is a great option. We offer a range of solid wood walnut living room furniture which includes walnut TV tables, book cases, coffee tables, and cupboards.

The furniture looks rich and exotic, as it is made from beautiful dark brown walnut, which is full of subtle purple highlights that add depth and colour to the wood. The fact it is a hardwood is also beneficial as it means the walnut living room furniture is of a really high quality and so will last you for years to come. If you are hoping to put together a room that the whole family can enjoy, walnut is a striking and durable wood that looks really good.

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Walnut Furniture in the Living Room

The living room is the place we most commonly entertain, which means it needs to look great for guests as well as the people who live in the house all the time. Walnut living room furniture is a great way of adding a welcoming feel to the room that is still stylish, modern and appealing to all tastes. Walnut is a wood that doesn’t date, so it won’t go out of style no matter how long you keep it and no matter how many times you update your décor around it.

Our contemporary range of walnut living room furniture has a strong minimalist feel to it, which means that you can not only dress it up or dress it down according to your tastes, but it also contributes to creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your room – perfect for when you want to unwind and relax at the end of a long day.

Walnut Coffee Tables

A walnut coffee table is a great item to have in your room, as it not only provides somewhere to rest your drinks while you’re relaxing, but the a walnut coffee table also provides storage drawers. This makes it a handy storage device so you can hide any clutter away. Walnut is exceptionally sturdy, so it's strong enough to withstand family life. If you prefer, there is also a walnut and steel coffee table available. This has no drawers, making it ideal for a minimalist setting. It also comes in two sizes so you can choose a table to fit the space you have.

Walnut TV Tables

The vast majority of homes have a TV in their living room, and a walnut TV table is a great option for any household. Our walnut TV tables come with a drawer so you can store any DVDs, games, videos, CDs and spare cables easily, and they also feature an open shelf that can easily take a digital television box or other TV attachment. The design is contemporary so it won’t look out of place even with the most modern of televisions.

Walnut Bookcase

A walnut bookcase will perfectly complement the rest of your walnut living room furniture and be used either to store books or display ornaments. You could also store some DVDs or CDs on the bookcase if you prefer, making it multifunctional and a really versatile item to have in your living room. The six fixed shelves are of different heights, enabling you to store a range of items on your new bookcase.

Walnut Cupboards

Everyone needs somewhere to store things and if you are in need of a larger storage unit for your living room, a walnut cupboard could be just the thing you need. The cupboard has got four doors, so you could easily split it into sections to store different items. This could include children’s toys, household paperwork, DVDs and games, cleaning equipment and more – in short, anything that needs storing away.

The minimalist design of the walnut cupboards means that it will go with the decoration in any room while always looking stylish, as well as easily disguising any clutter that might otherwise be left lying around. This will help to keep your living room as a calming, relaxing place for socialising or simply enjoying some peace and quiet.