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Walnut Furniture, Solid Walnut Furniture & Walnut Stained Furniture

4 Living are delighted to bring you their beautiful ranges of solid walnut furniture and stained walnut furniture. Contemporary in design and solid in construction, these wonderful collections offer pieces to suit any room of the home.

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About Walnut Wood

Walnut wood from the Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) and European Walnut (Juglans regia), has traditionally been used in the creation of architectural woodwork, musical instruments, decorative panels, interior trim for luxury cars and boats, flooring and fine walnut furniture pieces. Its dark chocolate brown hues, purple highlights and attractive deep set grain make it highly sought after and much prized.

Solid Walnut Furniture

At present we feature several ranges of solid walnut furniture; The Kluskens range and the Bentley Loft range. Both have been manufactured to an exacting standard and one that befits the quality of the raw material used in their production.

The Kluskens Walnut collection has been created with an eye to minimalism. A popular design ethic, the strikingly toned American black walnut, works well with the simple, clean lines of this genre to produce statement pieces that leave a lasting impression.

The Loft Walnut range offers a range of superb bedroom furniture including; a bed frame, a nightstand or bedside table, chests of drawers of various sizes, a wardrobe, a dressing table and desk and in keeping with the quality of their manufacture, we use solid walnut throughout. The drawers are dovetailed at the front and back, there are divots under the handles for easy opening and closing and the gently angled headboard allows for comfortable late night reading.

Walnut Stained Furniture

Bentley's Como and Lyon ranges are a beautifully elegant collection of walnut dining, living and bedroom furniture, crafted from Solid American Oak and quality Walnut wood veneers with a gloriously rich walnut furniture finish. The contemporary design and solid construction of each piece makes them well suited to rooms of both the traditional and modern home.

The 4 Living walnut furniture range combines the beauty of walnut staining with the versatility of eco friendly Oak wood. The result is stunning dark wood pieces made from sustainable and renewable sources and whilst they are not solid walnut wood, they look stunning and will grace any home with that lovely walnut furniture feel.