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Walnut Bedroom Furniture

If you are looking for some truly stunning bedroom furniture that will not only look beautiful but that will last you for years to come, then check out our solid wood range of walnut bedroom furniture! There is a great selection of walnut bedroom furniture on offer, including walnut beds, wardrobes, cupboards, bookcases and more. This superb hardwood has looks and durability in equal measure, making walnut bedroom furniture both a practical and beautiful choice.

As there is such a great collection of walnut bedroom furniture available, it allows you to put together a suite of items that will go perfectly with each other and look amazing in your bedroom. The style is contemporary but also timeless, so your furniture will appear modern yet will also never go out of style. Walnut is a dark, hardwood that is chocolate, hazel brown in colour with purple flecks that really stand out and make it highly sought after. This makes walnut the perfect wood to use in your bedroom.

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Walnut Beds

If you’re going to get a good night’s sleep then it’s really important that you have a good quality, comfortable bed. A solid wood bed frame, such as our beautiful walnut bed, is the perfect choice here. Getting a bed made out of hard wood is a fantastic investment as it will last for decades – you could even find yourself passing it on to future generations.

An angled headboard allows for easy night time reading, while the simple headboard designs adds to an elegant minimalist style, helping to create an uncluttered look to your room. Our beds are hand-waxed with no additional varnishes or stains. As well as creating a very natural, contemporary look, this also means fewer chemicals introduced into your bedroom.

So, why should you choose a walnut bed over another type of hardwood? While all hardwoods are great for beds, walnut has an extremely attractive hue and has traditionally been synonymous with quality. It will especially appeal to those who hanker after something a bit different to a medium coloured wood such as oak or teak, but without having to resort to staining to achieve a deeper colour.

Walnut Wardrobes

If you’re going to have a beautiful walnut bed then a great accompaniment to it would be a walnut wardrobe. 4 Living are proud to offer a choice of walnut wardrobes, catering to different tastes and size requirements. A two-door walnut wardrobe is a fantastic way of adding storage to your bedroom, without taking up too much floor space. Hanging poles and drawers allow you to store your clothes easily, while easy-to-open drawers and a minimalist design will go with any decor scheme you might have in your room. A wider walnut wardrobe is also available, which is ideal for larger rooms or if two people are sharing a wardrobe. A wardrobe enables you to store all of your clothes out of sight, create a sense of space, and ultimately a more relaxing bedroom environment.

Walnut Cupboards

You can also add to your superb walnut bedroom furniture collection with walnut cupboards. For instance, many people have things that they’d like to store but that won’t fit in the wardrobe, such as shoes, hats and other accessories, and walnut cupboards can make a great storage solution. A hand-finished walnut cupboard will provide more than enough storage and style.

Walnut Bookcases

As well as storing the rest of your possessions in style, walnut bookcases make the perfect option for anyone who owns a lot of books. The style of a contemporary walnut bookcase is minimalist and clean, ensuring that the item looks really tidy as well as stylish – and can work really well in a bedroom or spare room. The shelves have varying heights so you can store books of different sizes comfortably.

Healthy Mattresses

To make sure you get an amazing night’s sleep and also to make sure you complement your walnut bed in the best way possible, 4 Living has a range of healthy mattresses available. These make use of non-toxic, natural memory foam that moulds to your shape to make sure you are well supported while you’re sleeping. The healthy mattresses also make sure you’ll be sleeping in a clean environment, making them the perfect addition to your walnut bedroom furniture.

Bedroom Lighting

Finally, no bedroom is complete without some stunning ambient lighting to really help set the mood. 4 Living has some brilliant bedroom lighting options available to complement your new walnut bedroom furniture. For instance, you could choose a beautiful, coloured glass table lamp to cast an attractive glow over your walnut furniture. There are also ceramic lamps on offer and, with a range of styles and colours available, you’re certain to find something that suits your bedroom.