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Solid Wood Furniture

4 Living sell a range of luxurious solid wood furniture in many different styles, woods and for many rooms and purposes. The oriental black and white lacquer range is made of solid ash, which is visible on the distressed edging of the pieces. This style of solid wood furniture is a subtle juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional oriental influences.

Walnut solid wood furniture, whether it be from the Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) or European Walnut (Juglans regia), is most often used for decorative purposes, for example sculpture or a luxury car interior. Our range takes that beauty and transfers it to furniture, combining it with easygoing, everyday style. Our oak collection features the same designs as the solid walnut, while enhancing the light in a room and giving a more understated feel.

On average, you will spend at least 8 hours a day in your bedroom. Looking at the bigger picture, that’s 10,000 days or a third of the average lifetime. That's certainly a lot longer than the time you're likely to spend in an expensive car or possibly even a lavishly decorated living space. A relaxing bedroom space, somewhere where you can recharge and unwind, is essential in order to cope with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The centrepiece of a relaxing bedroom will most often be the bed itself. 4 Living offers a range of solid wood furniture, traditional oriental style lacquered beds, as well as a stylish solid wood headboard made from eco friendly bamboo. The oriental beds we stock are available in both black and white lacquer and will complement, for example, an oriental sideboard of the same colour. We are also proud to offer the world’s only range of organic memory foam mattress. These have none of the harmful gasses found in regular (synthetic) latex memory foam, yet provide all of the comfort of memory foam. 4 Living prides itself in the ability to offer many different components to a relaxing living space; enabling you to create an environment most suited to you.

Our solid wood furniture includes a beautiful collection of oriental bedroom furniture which is unique and stylish, while also being luxurious, contemporary and very practical indeed. Oriental nightstands act as an excellent complementary piece to a traditional oriental style bed. We also stock a range of lacquered chest of drawers, wardrobes and ottomans. A large chest or wardrobe can really exhibit the distressed oriental style and are available in black and white lacquer. The volume of storage space available is extremely impressive for furniture of this type and our wardrobes both look beautiful and provide you with the storage space you need for modern living.

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Solid Wood Living Room Furniture

The living room usually receives the most attention when a home is being redesigned or modified. Why? Simply because your living room acts as the focal point to your home; a place for relaxation, a place for entertaining friends or spending quality family time. Creating a living room which not only looks good but is also comfortable and homely can be a difficult balance to strike. Whilst you may want a modern, contemporary and stylish living room, you don't want to feel like you are living in a show home. Here at 4 Living we have a range of solid wood furniture for the living room that is so diverse and suited to different tastes and atmospheres that you won’t have to compromise any style or practical living desires when purchasing living room furniture from our collections.

The range of coffee tables we offer suit most kinds of room and atmosphere, whether as part of a redesign or as subtle addition to a space.

Coffee tables are often seen as the centrepiece to a room; however one piece cannot make a room. Furniture in the periphery must compliment the centrepiece as well as each other. A black or white lacquer sideboard shouldn't dominate a room, however it should be whispering “hey, over here, look at me”. The range of coffee tables we offer suit most kinds of room and atmosphere, whether as part of a redesign or as subtle addition to a space.

On the 4 Living website you can also find solid wood furniture made from Walnut, Oak and Teak such as a stylish bookcase with warm tones and contemporary designs to suit many different styles. A glass top cube table works really well with the other pieces and can add light and reflection with a modern twist. Our range of mirrors is available in both lacquer and bamboo and come in five different sizes – ideal for manipulating light in your living room in order to create a greater feeling of space.

Solid Wood Dining Room Furniture

A dining room or kitchen diner area is the setting in which a lot of time with family or friends is spent, with a dining table being the stage for many memorable moments. In this room, stylish, modern and of course functional furniture is required in order to create the required atmosphere for the occasion. Our collections of dining sets offer a versatile and modern method of achieving this atmosphere. 4 Living offer an extensive range of dining tables in a number of different sizes and materials including Oak, Walnut and Teak.