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Solid Wood Dining Room Furniture -

Create the Perfect Entertaining Space


Solid wood dining room furniture provides the perfect backdrop for entertaining and family get-togethers. As one of the most sociable rooms in the home, the dining room should be a calm and welcoming space where you will enjoy catching up with friends or family over a good glass of wine and fine food. 4 Living sell a beautiful range of solid wood dining room furniture in oak, walnut and teak which will provide the ideal environment for socialising in. For an Eastern touch to this space, 4 Living also sell deep black or off white oriental dining room furniture, all in solid wood with a striking shiny lacquered finish

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Solid Wood Dining Room Furniture – Key Pieces for Entertaining

The key to the perfect dining room is to create a comfortable space that is warm and inviting so guests can feel at home. Solid wood dining room furniture has a cosy, dependable appearance which will help to put your diners at ease.

Sturdy Solid Wood Dining Tables

The table is the centrepiece of any dining room, and is the key choice to be made when choosing a range of solid wood dining room furniture. With a warmth and elegance that works well any decor, you can easily find a style of solid wood dining room furniture to suit your home. 4 Living sell exquisitely hand finished solid oak and walnut dining room tables with powerful clean lines. Solid oak and walnut tables are chic and robust and can be dressed up or down, depending on whether you want to achieve a formal or casual look to this space. 4 Living’s extending oak tables are ideal when you need room for extra guests, and are available in either a square or a rectangular shape. A walnut or oak table on a steel frame adds a modern twist to a traditional design and looks fantastic in a contemporary home.

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Comfortable Seating for Long Dinner Parties

Guests need comfy and supportive seating, especially if they are going to sit for a long time. As the style of chair you choose can make a difference to the overall look of this space, take your time in selecting the right ones. Solid wood chairs are long-lasting and look great in a formal dining room. If you feel padded seats are more comfortable, an oak dining chair with a soft cream leather upholstered seat works well with other pieces of solid wood dining room furniture. If you prefer an Eastern inspired dining room, cream leather chairs can be matched with solid wood black or white lacquered dining tables. Leather chairs feel wonderfully snug during long diner parties and add an intimate feel to this space.

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Solid Wood Dining Room Storage

No eating area is complete without adequate storage to tidy away tablecloths, runners, napkins, place mats, coasters, candles, cutlery, crockery, glassware and anything else you want to conceal from view. Additional storage furniture will ensure you have an organised and clutter free space so you can focus purely on entertaining. 4 Living’s contemporary oak sideboards and solid walnut sideboards have been skilfully crafted to show the natural beauty of the wood grain. Their exquisite but simple design does not detract from the table which remains centre stage. This means that guests will be able to admire all the effort you put in to dressing the table and presenting the food. For a more coordinated look, choose storage pieces which match your other solid wood dining room furniture. 4 Living’s oriental sideboards for instance, perfectly match our oriental lacquered dining tables and have fine detailing such as brass flip up handles. Our oriental sideboards are available in small or large sizes to suit all types of dining room.

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Decorating Your Perfect Dining Room


Choosing the right colours for your dining room will help create the right environment for your guests to unwind in. Red is a sociable colour and helps promote appetite, making it a good choice for dining rooms, particularly an oriental themed one. However, some may find this colour too overpowering. Green is calming and restful and yellow is said to stimulate the mind, so it is ideal to get the conversation flowing. Brown promotes stability and intellect and is also suitable for dining rooms. Choose colours which either blend or contrast with your choice of solid wood dining room furniture. For a minimalist look, choose whites, creams and other neutral colours as a backdrop for natural wood furniture. For a more dramatic look, choose bolder, darker and more contrasting colours.


A woollen rug injects colour into the dining room and adds warmth to this space. Whether your dining room has traditional or modern furniture, you can always find a rug that will work well in this room. A cosy dining room will make your guests want to stay at the table for longer to enjoy an entertaining and memorable evening.


Dining room lighting creates atmosphere and intimacy. Hang a beautiful chandelier above the centre of a solid walnut or oak dining table or set the mood with floor lighting and soft candle light. Three different sized candles grouped together on the table makes a great centre piece or you can have pretty flower shaped tea lights floating in a glass bowl. If you want an alternative to floor lighting, position two identical table lamps on a sideboard for balance and harmony.