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Everyone knows the importance of a good nights sleep, but did you know that the furniture you choose for your bedroom can really make a difference to the quality of sleep too? 4Living has a contemporary range of solid wood bedroom furniture that will really stand you in good stead when it comes to getting some quality sleep. Our solid wood bedroom furniture ranges include solid oak, teak, walnut and lacquered wood furniture. 

As well as solid wood bedroom furniture, 4 Living are also proud to offer an extensive collection of organic mattresses, which are ideal for helping you create a healthy, comfortable sleeping environment. All our solid wood bedroom furniture and organic healthy mattresses are available to buy online through our secure and easy to use website. Alternatively, you can visit our furniture showroom in East Sussex.

The Importance of Good Bedroom Furniture

If you are going to be sending around eight hours a night bed, you will naturally want to get the very best products available. A solid wood bed frame is sturdy and durable as well as providing a great base for the perfect mattress, helping you to sleep better and easier, restoring your mind, body and spirit on a nighly basis. a healthy, comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom can alsor really help you acheive a happy, balanced relationship, so it is definitely worth giving your choice of bedroom furniture careful thought.

Black and White Lacquer Bedroom Furniture

This is a great range of furniture that is perfect for any bedroom. Not only do black and white go with any colour scheme imaginable, but they also never go out of style so you can be sure that whatever you buy will look great for years to come. Also, white and black lacquer bedroom furniture looks amazing when mixed with range of colour schemes. So whether you want to create a peaceful, zen likespace with light wall colours and beddring, or a passionate oriental oasis, this furniture is extremely versatile.

Solid wood bedroom furniture also comes in the form of painted Chinese cabinets, which can add a colourful accent to the room, whilst also providing extra storage.

Black Lacquer Furniture click here to browse our black lacquered furntiure collection

White Lacquer Furniture click here to browse our white lacquered furniture collection

Teak Bedroom Furniture

4 Living also have an amazing range of teak bedroom furniture on offer. Teak is a truly beautiful wood - at once natural and chic, it is elegant addition to any bedroom and it will help to create a refined, calm atmosphere that is great for sleeping. A natural, unvarnished finish means no chemicals to breathe in while you sleep. Whether you are after a teak bed, teak chest of drawers, teak wardrobe or something else, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Solid Teak Furniture click here to browse our range

Walnut Bedroom Furniture

As an equally attractive alternative to teak, you may like to investigate the lovely walnut bedroom furniture on offer. For instance, a bed made from American black walnut is an item of solid wood bedroom furniture with rich, warm tones that doesn't need much accessorising as the beauty of the wood is enough. This would work particularly well in a room with minimalist design and clean lines - creating a very fresh look with few distractions, all helping the mind to switch off and relax.

Solid Walnut Furniture click here to browse our range

Oak Bedroom Furniture

Oak is another great wood for bedroom furniture. Oak bedroom furniture is very simple and modern-looking, making it ideal for the twenty first  century. But it still has enough enduring appeal that means it will never go out of style, so a seat of solid wood bedroom furniture made from oak is a great investment option that won't need to be replaced in a few years time.

Oak Bedroom Furniture click here to browse our range

Healthy Mattresses

So, you've sourced gorgeous bedroom furniture and now you just need the perfect mattress to complement it so you can have a good night's sleep. Our range of orgnaic mattresses caters for different types of sleepers, different weights, sizes, and of course preferences. An organic mattress is a great investment which can last over 20 years. Much like our range of bedroom furniture, it removes the need to re-furnish your bedroom every few years.

Organic Mattresses click here to browse our range of healthy mattresses