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Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture is often viewed as a one dimensional, predictable type of furniture. 4 Living believe that our range of outdoor furniture will enable you to think outside the box and treat your outdoor space as you would, your interior- with care, attention and love

Everyday life is more stressful than ever. The hustle and bustle can be left indoors as 4 Living’s range of beautiful outdoor furniture helps you to escape. Whatever type of garden you have, there will be a piece of outdoor furniture which could improve that space. Once you learn to treat the outdoors like a room in which to relax, you can truly unlock the potential of contemporary outdoor furniture.

Many think of outdoor furniture as predictable, boring wooden tables which are in a state of disrepair. Here at 4 Living we feel that outdoor space is just as important as indoor, when you’re creating a healthy and relaxing home environment. We set out to source the finest quality, most elegantly designed outdoor furniture around and are proud to present our collection.

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About Outdoor Furniture

Just as you would with an interior; you must take into account colours; light; materials and surroundings when creating your perfect outdoor space. If you have plenty of trees and grass in your garden, you may want to echo these natural tones in your furniture. Perhaps you want to add a contemporary contrast to this space with some aluminium or stainless steel seating. There are many possibilities with outdoor furniture, which makes it so refreshingly customisable.

The beautiful pedestal table from 4 Living’s aluminium range of outdoor furniture will add that extra touch of contemporary flair to your outdoor space. The table is available with either a ‘taupe’ or ‘anthracite’ top; putting the choice in your hands. There is the further option of adding four stylish aluminium chairs, which are stackable for easy storage.

A problem often associated with outdoor wooden furniture is the aging and decomposition of the wood. An amazing material called Polyteak™ is the perfect balance between synthetic fibre and natural wood. Polyteak™ is created from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and genuinely looks just like Teak (a popular outdoor wood in itself). Just like real wood, Polyteal™ is fully recyclable. The surface is completely resistant to fading or warping of any kind.

The ‘Woven’ range from 4 Living’s outdoor furniture collection is made from an environmentally friendly polyethylene resin wicker. Unlike natural wicker, the weave is insensitive to light or surface cracking. The appearance of the weave has a heavy association with traditional woven garden furniture. However, the elegant contemporary design of the woven range works with the weave to create a lovely juxtaposition.

Gone are the days of stripy deck chairs and spare fold up chairs from the shed. The weave in the ‘Woven’ range is resilient to the elements. The stylish cushions for the chairs are also completely waterproof. They have been treated with a waterproof coating and a special tape to prevent water leaking into the foam stuffing. The cushion is luxuriously comfortable, a trait not usually associated with outdoor furniture.

Why not turn your patio into your outdoor living room? It probably wouldn’t be wise to keep your flat-screen TV outside but the ‘Woven range can provide the comfort of a living room. For example, a woven sofa, two armchairs and a beautiful woven glass-top ottoman can create the perfect outdoor living room. This simple set teams all the comfort of your living room with the relaxing and rejuvenating qualities of outside.

4 Living are committed to offering as much natural wood as possible within a collection. The large, round teak dining table is a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture made from the king of outdoor furniture: teak. Why is teak so good for outdoor furniture? Teak is a tropical hardwood which is full of completely natural oleoresin, which makes it extremely resistant to warping and rotting. As it is such as hardy wood, it lasts for years; even with any extra care. As well as its tremendous resilience, teak has a beautiful natural grain which helps to enhance the natural and relaxed atmosphere of your outdoor area.

The large round dining table is perfect for those warm summer nights. The table is available with 4 stunning round teak benches which elegantly hug the table. You can imagine the whole family gathered around it.

Once you have created your perfect outdoor ‘room, you must finish it off with a few extra touches and accessories. A glass lazy Susan is a great addition to a large dining table as it rotates so you don’t have to reach over to get side dishes.

Another accessory which requires careful consideration is a parasol. A parasol is essential for the summer time as it’s impossible to fully relax if you can’t escape from the sun. A wide range is available; giving you the option of cantilever parasols or more traditional parasols to put through your table.

4 Living believe furnishing your home should be a therapeutic and relaxing exercise. This could not be truer of outdoor furniture as you can customise the space to suit you.