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Oriental Dining Furniture

4 Living supply a stylish range of oriental dining furniture including oriental dining tables, dining chairs, sideboards, cabinets, console tables and chests of drawers. Within our black and white lacquer furniture collections, we have everything you need to furnish your contemporary dining room or kitchen diner.

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Oriental Dining room table and chairs

The most important piece of furniture for an oriental dining room, the dining table forms the centrepiece of the room. It needs to be large enough to accommodate the whole family whilst allowing each person enough room to feel comfortable. It is generally recommended that you allow approx 107cms (approximately 42 inches) around the table for comfort and ease of movement.

Our oriental dining tables are finished with seven coats of black lacquer for beauty and strength and feature stylish wooden edging detail. Rectangular in shape, they come in 4 different lengths, 160cms (63 inches), 180cms (70.9 inches), 200cms (78.7 inches) and 220cms (86.6 inches). All of our lacquered dining tables are set at a depth of 90cms (35.4 inches) and stand 78cms (30.7 inches) in height. The varying lengths are designed to accommodate 4-12 people respectively and all perfectly complimented by our Daniel and Olivia dining chairs.

Our Daniel dining chair is a carver chair, upholstered in light cream ivory leather. It has a stylish low and wide design, which means that the arms slide neatly under the tables, as if made to measure. Our Olivia dining chair is built without arms, in the same lovely cream leather and works equally well as a dining or occasional chair. Try combining both styles of chairs to create an attractive and practical oriental dining room set.

Oriental Style Guide

The way of the orient is to come together at meal times, to enjoy and share in the pleasures of food with family, and friends. The daily toils having ended, it is a time to relax in each other’s company and entertain the party with stories whilst enjoying a hearty meal.

There are many ways in which you can combine colours, accessories, fabrics and lighting to create the oriental look in your dining room.

• Spaces should be clutter free and tidy with well-placed mirrors to maximise the feeling of light and space.

• Large monotone wall spaces work well as they add to the sense of simplicity, which is key to oriental design. If you are going to cover the walls, use fabrics and coverings with natural, earthy colours and materials.

• Furniture and lighting should be elegant and minimalist. Choose furnishings with clean, straight lines without too much decoration, as is present in our oriental furniture ranges.

• Less is more in oriental style homes. Pick a few key accessories for your dining room and display them prominently for maximum impact.

• Add a variety of light sources for a practical, versatile space.

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