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Oriental Furniture - The Principles of Oriental Design

Oriental furniture has been around for centuries and it is still massively popular today, due to its timeless feel and classic designs that never go out of style. 4 Living specialise in creating the very best oriental furniture, bringing together a unique blend of traditional design and modern craftsmanship to create truly beautiful pieces of furniture. For instance, as well as following the design traditions that go back generations, It is also perfectly tailored for ease of use and functionality, something that is very important in twenty-first century life.

The furniture is of an extremely high quality and is built to last, so the furniture itself will endure just as oriental designs have done for so many years. 4 Living’s oriental furniture range incorporates many principles of traditional oriental design, as it is important to be as authentic as possible even when updating designs to make them relevant in the modern world. Read on to find out how this has been achieved.

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Simplicity and lack of clutter

One of the core principles of oriental furniture design is simplicity. The designs may be beautiful, but it is never forgotten that the furniture is there to serve a practical purpose too. This means that the function of the furniture is paramount, and while the form it takes is important, the most important thing is making sure the oriental furniture does its job.

Therefore, all aspects of the oriental furniture from 4 Living are absolutely essential; no materials are wasted and the designs are clean and full of straight lines without being fussy. This makes them ideal for tidying away clutter as they lend themselves to a tidy, simple environment. For example, a piece such as a trunk or ottoman is ideal for this as it easily shuts away clutter, creating elegant lines that look great in any room.

Beauty in understatement

It is often said that less is more, and that is certainly true of oriental design. Simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of effort; it simply means that care and attention has been dedicated to making oriental furniture beautiful without being ostentatious. Furniture is functional and this is remembered in oriental design. This makes the furniture both elegant and minimalist, so it fits into any design scheme.

This is something that 4 Living takes very seriously. The range of oriental furniture on offer doesn’t need lots of frills or accessorising: its simplicity is its strength. For instance, a contemporary oriental sideboard with classic oriental design and its minimalist lines also makes for a refreshingly cool and contemporary dining room addition,. It is hard to imagine this style of furniture going out of style, which makes it perfect for people who want their furniture to last a lifetime. Oriental furniture may not be flashy, but it certainly doesn’t lack the ‘wow’ factor.

Natural elements

As so much of oriental design is all about simplicity, it’s hardly surprising that oriental style furniture often incorporates lots of natural elements. From the hand-woven wool rugs that have helped to make the region so famous, to the bamboo furniture that is so well known today, there is an element of nature in much of the furniture. This also extends to the colours used: often they are taken from nature and so are either neutral colours such as bamboo, white, black and stone, or they are brighter colours made from natural dyes.

This principle of embodying nature is used in the laquered furniture made by 4 Living. For example, you can see it in the solid wood furniture that is of an extremely high quality as well as being natural. You can also see it in the oriental accessories on offer, such as 100% natural woollen rugs, silk lampshades that cast a gorgeous glow across your room, and organic cotton bedding that feels deliciously cool and natural against your skin.

Tranquillity, stillness and calm

All of this together – the simplicity, the beauty and the natural elements – mean that oriental furniture and design has an air of tranquillity and calm about it. This is linked to the important Japanese idea of Feng Shui, which is all about creating peace and harmony in your living environment so that you can relax and truly enjoy where you live.

This is something that 4 Living believes is very important, as your home should be your sanctuary. People go back to their homes at the end of a busy day with the intention of relaxing and letting the stresses of modern life flow out of them. A calm, elegant environment is by far the best way of doing that, and the 4 Living range of oriental style furniture can make a big difference.

For instance, imagine having a beautiful family meal sitting in a comfortable, relaxing oriental dining room followed by kicking back with a glass of wine in your Feng Shui living room. Then, round off your day by sliding between your organic cotton bedding on your Oriental Bed and drifting into blissful, restful slumber: the 4 Living oriental range of furniture range really could help you create your own personal sanctuary.

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