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Natural Mattresses

The term 'natural mattresses' might not register on a lot of people's radars. For years, mattresses have been made in the same ways, hardly varying from one another, with the only customisable feature being the size. 4 Living believe in interior innovation, in order to create a positive lifestyle. Whether a mattress is a traditional, coil sprung design or a modern synthetic memory foam mattress, 4 Living believe there is room for improvement. Our extensive collection of organic natural mattresses represents this healthy and environmentally friendly improvement.

As well as organic natural latex, 4 Living also offers luxurious natural pocket sprung mattresses. The high quality springs distribute weight evenly across the mattress, relieving pressure from the back and sides. The high quality frame springs, wool wrap, mohair layer and horsehair layer ensure an unrivalled level of comfort. The layering and high quality springs have been specially designed so you won't feel the springs, even after a long period of use. The mattress comes with a 12 year guarantee, which emphasises 4 Living's confidence in the quality of its product.

Why Choose Organic Mattresses?

Cotton is one of the thirstiest plants in the world, requiring an unbelievable SIX pints of water to grow just one bud. This water consumption can starve the surrounding area of water, destroying entire eco systems for local wildlife. Non-organic cotton hasn’t been sprayed with any chemicals to accelerate its growth, meaning it can require as little as half the amount of water as its non-organic brother. All of the cotton used in every single one of 4 Living’s mattresses is chemical-free, which also means no pesticides or insecticides have been sprayed on it. Organic cotton is beneficial to both the owner and the environment in which it’s grown.

'Natural mattresses' are simply mattresses made from entirely natural, non-synthetic materials. Here at 4 Living we are passionate that every tiny component used to make the mattresses in our collection is eco-friendly and organic where applicable. With 4 Living's range of natural mattresses, comfort is never compromised, simply optimised. Our range is individually tailored to cater for different preferences, types of sleepers and sizes. Many of our natural mattresses are also available in bespoke sizes. 4 Living are fortunate to have mattress manufacturers Dormiente and Prolana (both based in Germany) on board as they share the same eco-friendly, positive lifestyle philosophy.

The Importance of Natural Mattresses

4 Living emphasise the importance of natural mattresses to your health and to the environment. However, an environmentally friendly, natural mattress shouldn't be a 'step down' in terms of comfort. Our range of natural latex and high quality coil sprung mattresses provide a luxurious level of comfort.

An organic natural latex mattress moulds to the shape of the body, ensuring a peaceful, quality night's sleep. Due to the chemicals used in the manufacturing process, synthetic memory foam is prone to overheating and can often lead to an uncomfortable and restless night. Natural latex has natural heat and moisture regulation properties, so you won’t wake up overheated.

In order to pass fire regulations, synthetic mattresses must be sprayed with a fire-retardant chemical. On top of the chemicals and pesticides used in production, this can't be the healthiest way to produce a mattress. The organic wool covers from Welsh mattress manufacturer Abaca are naturally fire retardant, which means they have not been treated with so much as a drop of chemical spray.

Of course it is important to keep your children healthy by making sure they exercise, don't eat junk food and stay hygienic. However, it is equally important for them to be breathing in the right air and to have the correct spinal alignment in their most important stages of growth. 4 Living provide natural mattresses for kids as the benefits of these are considerable. Our children’s mattresses are made from natural latex and a rubberised coir (coconut fibre) which provides your child with fantastic support and comfort throughout the night. The mattresses have an organic cotton cover, so your child won't be inhaling pesticides every night.

The Right Mattress For You

When purchasing new 'green' or natural mattresses you may come across a problem, which is that your partner does not have the same mattress preferences as you do. As everyone has entirely different bodies and entirely different definitions of comfort, it doesn't make too much sense for them to share the same mattress. 4 Living’s natural mattress range from German manufacturer Prolana gives you the opportunity to split your bed into two mattresses. In the past it would have been a lot of hassle to have bespoke half-mattresses produced, but it couldn't be easier with Prolana. The mattresses sit perfectly together within an organic cotton cover.