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Natural Latex Mattresses

We are all in search of that ever elusive perfect night’s sleep and natural latex mattresses provide just that. Here at 4 Living we believe that our range of natural latex mattresses can help you achieve the revitalising, rejuvenating night’s sleep you desire. The demands of everyday life are now so great that a little extra attention must be given to achieving a calm and comfortable night’s sleep so you can give each day the energy it deserves. 4 Living believe that the bedroom should be a harmonious and relaxing escape from everyday life and where better to start than with a mattress? That’s why here at 4 Living we are committed to providing a full range of high quality mattresses, including natural latex mattresses, to help ensure you sleep soundly.

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What is Natural Latex?

So where does the natural latex we use in our mattresses come from? Natural Latex is simply created by extracting tree sap from the rubber tree, frothing it up and baking it, in order to create natural latex foam. This natural latex foam used in mattresses is a natural and sustainable material. The alternative, synthetic latex uses many chemicals which could be harmful to breathe, as well as preventing the mattress from cooling, which can significantly reduce comfort while sleeping.

Why Organic?

An unbelievable 25% of the world’s pesticides are used on cotton crops alone. Each mattress in 4 Living’s range of natural latex mattresses has been handmade and has a 100% organic certified cotton cover. Each mattress has been rigorously tested to achieve certification. Organic cotton is cotton that has been grown without the use of any toxic pesticides or insecticides. Using this natural organic cotton reduces your exposure to these chemicals.

The Mattresses

4 Living’s range of natural latex mattresses includes mattresses suitable for side sleepers, front & back sleepers, and light or heavier people; providing you with a range to suit everyone.

Natural latex mattresses provide an exceptional level of support for normal or even heavier body types. 15cm of pure natural latex, owing to its thick natural core, provides a great deal of comfort. They are available in soft, medium or firm, which caters for different preferences and body types.

There are natural latex mattresses suitable for both side and back sleepers, as well as having temperature and moisture regulating Merino lambswool which, as with every single component of the mattress, is organically certified. These natural latex mattresses are also available as a soft, medium or firm mattress.

4 Living are proud to provide a specifically designed mattress for side sleepers. Made from 100% organic natural latex, the mattress has an organic certified cotton cover. The impressive part of this mattress is called the ‘shoulder zone’. 4 Living understand that different parts of the body require different levels of firmness as they are entirely different shapes. The shoulder zone is essentially a soft area beneath the shoulder, which allows for better blood circulation, along with proper spinal alignment, both of which will help side sleepers have a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Everyone has their own preferences with regard to what makes the perfect mattress. You may prefer a firmer mattress with a shoulder zone for side sleeping, but your partner may be a front sleeper looking for a nice soft mattress. Why should one have to compromise comfort? We can supply a natural latex mattress in two halves, one side designed for each partner. This completely eliminates the problem of partners having different sleep problems and means they can enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep, side by side.

Adults aren’t the only ones who need a comfortable and rejuvenating night’s sleep. 4 Living offer comfortable natural organic latex mattresses for kids as well. Our cot mattresses are made up of the same natural organic latex but one half is made of organic rubberised coconut fibre (coir). The coir side is firmer, giving you the choice at any time, to switch from soft to firm and vice versa. You might find your child’s preference changes as they grow and, for this reason, the mattress is great value for money. Instead of buying a firmer mattress, you only need to flip it over.

As children grow, it is important they have a comfortable mattress which helps with both blood flow and spinal alignment. This is why 4 Living offer a natural latex cot mattress, for the slightly younger child. The mattress will help your child sleep soundly, as the organic lambswool helps to regulate both moisture and temperature.

Can I Test a Mattress?

All of the latex mattresses available at 4 Living can last 20 years or more, so we don’t expect you to make that decision in a hurry. Our mattress and bed showroom in East Sussex (Between Brighton and Eastbourne, near Lewes) gives you the opportunity to try the different beds, mattresses and natural latex pillows in person, with advice and expert knowledge from the 4 Living team. 4 Living understand how difficult a good night’s sleep can be to achieve, which is why they are equipped with all the knowledge to help you purchase the right mattress for you.

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