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When choosing new furniture to a room, Italian glass furniture may not necessarily be the first option that springs to mind. 4 Living believe that contemporary Italian glass furniture comprises the perfect combination of style, elegance and functionality. The aesthetic beauty of Italian glass furniture speaks for itself - one well chosen piece can transform a dull living space into a beautiful contemporary interior.

But as well as an elegant contemporary design, 4 Living’s range of Italian glass furniture also has a great deal of functionality. The polished Italian glass in 4 Living’s contemporary glass furniture collection is incredibly easy to clean; a damp cloth will easily wipe off almost any stain or mark. A big reservation which people have when considering glass furniture is its strength and stability. 4 Living’s collection of Italian glass furniture is designed to be used every day and not to act as a sculpture. The glass has been strengthened and toughened in Italy, which is world famous for high quality glass, so it will withstand all the tests of everyday life.

Italian Glass Furniture

Glass furniture is often associated with harsh, sharp edges but all of our glass coffee tables have been polished to create a clean and smooth edge.

A simple glass coffee table with tapered legs is a stylish contemporary living room addition, whilst also maintaining day-to-day functionality. The flat, polished glass top tapers down at an angle, before folding in on itself. What you end up with is essentially two stylish magazine racks; enabling you to store books and magazines without cluttering up the smooth glass surface. A popular design technique is to put vintage books in the racks so they will be visible through the glass top. You could even put flowers here if you are looking for that extra injection of colour.

Italian Glass Dining Tables

Italy is synonymous with great food and fine dining, so why not have stylish Italian glass furniture in the dining room? Our selection of glass dining tables are made from Italian polished glass, which can withstand a great deal of weight. All of the glass is built to last, not just to look at. The round table tops and curved arch legs mean that there isn't a set limit to how many or how few chairs there are; it will look sleek and stylish whatever arrangement you choose. The dining room should have a sense of occasion and a statement piece such as the 'arch' dining table, provides this in abundance.

About our Italian Glass Furniture

Italian glass furniture is stunningly stylish, but in a room full of natural wood tones you may feel it stands out too much. Our range of Italian glass furniture made from both wood and glass, enables you to have the best of both worlds. A glass and elm table is a really stylish bookend to a sofa or even a bed, while a solid glass open cube table with rounded edges, on top of a stylish dark elm plinth, provides a healthy juxtaposition between modern and traditional. The warm tone of the elm will complement other wood tones seamlessly and the elegant glass cube will give the room a contemporary injection.

A fantastic benefit of Italian glass is its relationship with colour and light. The transparency of a glass coffee or dining table will enhance the sense of space in a room; while the polished surface will manipulate light in the room in order create a lighter space. If the room you are using is small then glass furniture is the perfect tool with which to emphasise light and space.

As well as stunning polished clear glass, 4 Living are proud to offer a selection of black smoked glass furniture. A smoked Italian glass coffee table is a really beautiful contemporary statement piece for the living room. The coffee table is punctuated by a stylish chrome frame, with the black glass and chrome complementing each other wonderfully to create a beautiful piece, perfect for the modern home.

If you want to give your glass furniture an injection of colour, it could not be more simple. Try placing some vibrant flowers or a colourful sculpture on your coffee table and the colour will be enhanced by the polished Italian glass. Using the same colour elsewhere in the room will help to create an elegant balance and flow.