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The Importance of a Good Nights Sleep

We all need a full night’s rest and one way to achieve this is by investing in healthy mattresses. Sleep is arguably the most important thing we ‘do’. The rejuvenation, revitalisation and relaxation that sleep provides are crucial to living everyday life to the full. Without a good night’s sleep, how can you ever truly enjoy being awake? Whether you have a calm and relaxing night’s sleep can depend on many things, including the firmness of your mattress, the materials it is made from and how it is constructed. Healthy mattresses aim to promote your health in every way possible, from ensuring correct spinal alignment to avoiding harmful chemicals.

4 Living realise the importance of a healthy night’s sleep and are proud to offer a selection of organic natural latex healthy mattresses suitable for everyone.

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What is a Healthy Mattress?

A mattress can affect the body in so many ways and 4 Living are committed to providing healthy mattresses which address issues of spinal alignment, temperature regulation, moisture regulation and non-toxic materials. 4 Living believe a mattress should be an investment which lasts, not something that should be discarded and replaced every few years. The natural latex body of healthy mattresses are built to last and will not wear out as a pocket sprung mattress or even synthetic memory foam mattress might. Each natural latex mattress comes with a sizable warranty of at least 10 years and even up to 20 years on some models, which shows how much trust 4 Living have in the product’s durability. The natural latex mattresses are expected to last 20 years or more.

Roughly a quarter of the entire world’s pesticides are used on cotton fields. While a soft cotton cover is essential to having a comfortable mattress, breathing in harmful chemicals is best avoided. All of the cotton used in 4 Living’s collection of healthy mattresses is organically certified, which means it hasn’t been sprayed with these harmful chemicals at all. Each component of each mattress is checked to make sure it hasn’t come into content with harmful chemicals.

As well as not having the pesticides and insecticides that many cotton covers have, 4 Living’s ‘natural latex’ has been taken straight from tree sap, frothed up and baked, and then handmade into one of our healthy mattresses. This means that the resulting mattresses don’t have the chemicals or shorter lifespan of a synthetic memory foam mattress.

The wrong mattress can often aggravate existing back problems, as well as cause new ones. 4 Living’s extensive selection of mattresses caters to all body types and to different styles of sleeping. On the whole, people will sleep a certain way, most of the time. This could be on their back, side or front. 4 Living’s healthy mattresses have tremendous orthopaedic qualities which can ease a lot of back, shoulder and side pain with the correct distribution of weight on the mattress. The shoulder support area is a wonderful piece of mattress innovation intended to give side sleepers the necessary circulation and alignment required for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The Mattresses

Once you have identified the type of sleeper you are and the kind of firmness you generally prefer, it’s time to choose your mattress:

If you’re a front or back sleeper, or perhaps a side sleeper then there are specific natural latex models for you. It’s also important that the mattresses are available in different levels of firmness, enabling you to make the right choice. A firmer mattress is often (although not always) better for someone who sleeps mostly on their front or back or someone who has a heavier body type, or if you just prefer a firmer mattress. If you sleep mostly on your side and if you have an average weight/height body type then the medium is for you. If you are very light (under 8 stone or 55kg) then ‘soft’ will suit you best.

A mattress can be a 20 year investment. 4 Living understand that it’s a big decision which you may not want to make in a hurry. 4 Living have a mattress and bed shop in East Sussex (between Brighton and Eastbourne, near Lewes), where you can try a mattress for size and firmness, and receive advice from our team of experts.