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A coffee table is an essential part of any living room and hardwood coffee tables offer both practicality and style. Whether we use it to rest our mugs, books, magazines, laptops or remote controls on, they make a stylish focal point and many designs have practical drawers or shelving for storage. 4 Living sell a beautiful range of contemporary hardwood coffee tables including oriental coffee tables in an elegant black lacquer or smooth linen white finish. We also have solid walnut, teak and oak coffee tables in contemporary designs which can either complement other living room furniture items you own or can be used as a statement piece.

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The Benefits of Hardwood Coffee Tables

The sitting room is the place we spend the most time. As the coffee table is one of the most functional and heavily used items of furniture in this room (along with the sofa), it is important to choose one that is hard wearing and will last. Hardwood coffee tables are very robust and any marks or scratches can be easily put right. Solid wood is gorgeous to look at and can fit in with almost any decor, including traditional or contemporary homes. As wood has been used in furniture-making for centuries, hardwood coffee tables will never go out fashion. 4 Living’s hardwood coffee tables are available in a variety of different hardwoods including Teak, Walnut and Oak, as well as oriental lacquer designs.

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Oriental Hardwood Coffee Tables

An oriental living room is a place of harmony and balance. Choosing an oriental coffee table will create a wonderful feature in this sociable room. With its sleek design, strong lines and graceful proportions, an oriental coffee table will have a pride of place. A hardwood coffee table with a striking deep black finish can create a cosy living room environment and can be matched with other furniture in this range.

A linen white table with a shiny lacquered finish has a clean feel and works well in small sitting rooms as it will help reflect the light and make the space appear larger. The off-white cream tone of the lacquer prevents the table from looking too intense in what would otherwise be a relaxing environment. The neutral tone of cream lacquer will look great with virtually any other colour, whether from the surrounding decor or from ornaments, flowers etc placed upon it.

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Teak Hardwood Coffee Tables

4 Living’s teak wood furniture range is eco-friendly as it has been crafted using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood. This means the wood comes from well managed forests where all the trees are replaced, or allowed to re-grow naturally. It means you can enjoy all the benefits of this stunning wood with a clear conscience. Teak is an extremely hard wood which is highly resistant to the knocks and bumps of family life. It is an ideal material for a coffee table which forms the hub of the sitting room and is used daily. 4 Living’s contemporary teak coffee tables combine the rustic beauty of natural grain with highly detailed workmanship fit for a lifetime of use.

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Walnut Hardwood Coffee Tables

Walnut has a dark base colour and lighter markings which gives it a distinctive look and makes it a highly attractive material for a hardwood coffee tables. It is a very hard and dense wood which makes it particularly practical for the living room which sees a lot of traffic. Our walnut coffee tables are rich and exotic in colour and tone, but the styling ensures an instant fit with any minimalist or contemporary decor. We have coffee tables with convenient drawers and shelving to store away clutter or solid walnut coffee tables without drawers to create a simple, linear look. 4 Living also sell walnut coffee tables combined with steel for a modern twist on traditional solid hardwood coffee tables.

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Oak Coffee Tables

Oak has always been a popular choice for the living room because it is durable with appealing grain markings. 4 living have a range of chic styles including a contemporary oak coffee table with a glass top, which can be matched with a side table in the same design. We also have solid oak coffee tables with shelving or drawers which can serve as a useful tidy for newspapers, magazines and remote controls. Our oak coffee tables are a perfect combination of modern and traditional. As oak wood has a classic beauty, it will keep its appeal for generations.

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