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Contemporary Indoor Lighting - Glass Table Lamps

Choosin the right contemporary indoor lighting for your bedroom or living space is the perfect way to add intriest to netural or minimalist schemes, and glass table lamps are particularly on trend right now. During daylight hours, glass table lamps are mini works of art, providing useful accents of colour or curves to a minimalist decor. But when evening falls, they come alive, adding drama and atmosphere to any space.

4 Living sell a stunning range of contemporary indoor lighting, including wooden and glass table lamps, with silk, velvet and linen shades. All our contemporary indoor lighting is specially chosen to coordinate with our furniture ranges, especially our oriental black and white lacquer furniture.

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Glass Table Lamps

All our glass table lamps are handmade in Kent using traditional glass blowning techniques. The sheen and reflective qualities of glass work perfectly with our oriental lacquer furniture range. But they also help to offset the straight lines and neutral colours by adding just a touch of colour or a hint of a curve, creating a softer feel in the bedrooms, or living spaces. Glass also adds a sense of luxury to a scheme, especially where lustre or metallic finishes are used.

Choosing the Right Glass Table Lamp

- If you want to keep your lighting minimalist and neutral, choose our Ariadne Smoke, Bliss Smoke or Mura Smoke models.

- To add subtle colours, choose from our Mura Amethyst, Paris Antique Blue, Paris Antique Green and Paris Antique Rose models.

- To make a stronger colour statement, choose from the Lola, Mono Amethyst, Mono Chartreuse or Mia Designs. 

- To create a more luxurious feel, choose from the Hermitage Gold Leaf or Ritz Antique Mauve table lamps.

- Alternatively, the Talius lamp is a real eye-catcher, with a strong geometric design of black spiral within clear glass, and antique silver shade - perfectly complementing any black and white scheme.

To blend with our Black Lacquer Furniture, choose a lamp with a dark shade, or for White Lacquer Furniture, use a white or cream shade. However, using opposite colours will create interest and drama. 

Wooden Table Lamps

One of our wooden table lamps may be a good choice if you want a more strictly minimalist feel. We have 2 wooden lamps in our contemporary indoor lighting range, both made of wenge wood.

Wenge is a tropical wood which is naturally dark in colour with very fine grain, and from a distance appears almost black. This makes it a perfect choice for minimalist schemes based on black and white. The even, dark effect of wenge allows an element of wood to be introduced, but without bringing in middle range colours associated with other woods. 

Our Luxor Wenge table is a tall, slender lamp with an oyster linen shade and a square chrome base. This is a modern twist on the classic candlestick lamp which will work perfectly with any modern interior, but would blend perfectly with any of our black and white lacquer furniture. Its height makes it a useful reading light next to a bed or sofa, the base being 70 cm, and the shade adding a further 25 cm

Our tripod floor lamp stands 134.5 cm high, with a 4 legged base and a cream linen drum shade. It makes a striking, architectural statement and deserves to be placed where it can be seen and make an impact. The combination of nearly black wood and off white shade means it will blend with any black or white scheme. But it will also work in any neutral scheme as an accent piece. Place it bedside a sofa or armchair to provide both useful reading liht and interesting height contrast. Alternatively, place it in its own corner to provide general room lighting.

Lamp Shades

When choosing a lamp, the colour, shape and fabric of the shade is just as important as the base material.

Each of our lamps come with a shade specially chosen to coordinate or contrast with its own base and/or one of our furniture ranges, and in a variety of fabrics including linen, silk, velvet and flock. The texture of many of these fabrics helps to subtly soften the minimalist look of many of these designs.

Most of our shades are cylindrical drum shaped, which creates a simple, rectangular shape when viewed from the side. As well as being a major trend right now, the drum shade is a highly practical design solution providing both upward and downward lighting, However, some of our lamps have a slightly tapered drum shade which gives a slightly softer, more classical feel, white still being very contemporary. 

Your choice of lamp should include consideration of how the shade and base work together. As before, choice depends on the affect you are aiming for.

- A minimalist look is acheived by closely matching the colour of the base and shade. For instance, the Pewter silk shade featured on the Ariadne Smoke table lamp reinforces the neutrality of the smoke coloured base.

- Create focal points or attract attemtopm by choosing lamps with a contrasting shade and base. The Oyster linen shade over the dark, slender base of the Luxor Wenge lamp is an instant eye-catcher, as is the Black silk shade over the boldly coloured glass of the Mono Amethyst table lamp.

- A more luxurious look is obtained by choosing richer, more textured fabrics, and bases with curves or richer ornamentation. The bronze velvet shade which accompanies our Hermitage Gold Leaf table lamp, adds to the luxurious feel of this lamp but eithout upstaging the gold leaf base below.

While most of our shades are in neutral colours - creams, browns and blacks - there are also a few splashes of colour here and there for thise wanting to bring in accent colours. For instance the Mia lamp includes a plum silk shade, coordinating with the coloured glass in the base. The Mura Amethyst lamp includes a deep indogo silk shade, also matching the coloured glass base. And the Mura Smoke table lamp features a Damson silk shade, contrasting with the pale grey glass below.

Table Lamps for Every Room

Just about every room in the house, along with hallways and landings, can benefit from some extras lighting, and a table lamp is the easiest way to add lighting to a space.

A single lamp on a hallway table makes a welcoming impression to visitors and homecomers alike, and can help set the scene for the decor in the rest of the house. Matching hallway and living area lighting instantly makes a home feel more coordinated. Alternatively, make a big style or colour statement in the hall before moving to a more neutral scheme in the larger rooms. One of our black or white lacquer console tables makes a useful place for keys and other paraphernalia, and can be made into a stunning display with a single well chosen lamp.

In the living space, table lamps provide essential reading or task lighting, as well as providing atmospheric lighting for entertaining or simply a comfortable light level for watching TV. Place lamps on side tables at the end of the sofa to provide task lighting, or in corners or next to mirrors to create atmospheric lighting effects. If you have a mantlepiece or sideboard (for instance, one of our oriental sideboards) a lamp at each end creates an instant focal point for a room. And in the dining area, using table lamps as side lights helps to create a more intimate and relaxin dining environment.

In a bedroom, a matching pair of lamps on nightstands either side of a bed creates instant symmetry as well as essential reading light. To help create a relaxing bedroom atmosphere choose curves and softer and simpler bases with clearner lines will create a brighter, fresher feel, which will create a brighter, fresher feel which can add a sense of welcome to guests bedroom.