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Glass furniture makes a powerful style statement and gives a light and airy look to a contemporary home. 4 Living sell and inspirational range of Italian designed glass furniture for the living room, hallway, dining room and home office. Each beautifully sculptured piece is designed with aesthetics and function in mond and will instantly transform a room into a spacious and inviting living area.

4 Living glass furniture includes tinted or clear glass console tables, coffee tables, side tables, lamp tables, desks and occasional tables. Our contemporary glass furniture is at the cutting edge of contemporary style, using polished and toughened glass, strong geometric shapes and clean lines. We have clear glass ranges and furniture in a combination of glass, steel, wood or marble which make a wonderful style statement and is perfect for modern day living.

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History of Glass Furniture

Glass is made from common sand, melted and shaped, and was thought to have been discovered after lightening struck sand.

In the third millennium BC, the Egyptians used glass to make jewellery and over time glass items became highly sought after. The art of glass working gradually spread to Europe and beyond and new techniques were introduced. It is now used to create all manner of household items both functional and decorative including glass windows, lighting, jewellery and, of course, furniture.

By the end of the 1600’s the French invented plate glass which meant glass could be used for items such as tables and windows. However, it was still a luxury item, which only the rich could afford. Tempered glass, also known as toughened or safety glass, was introduced in the late 19th century, so the glass would crumble into pieces when it broke instead of large dangerous, jagged pieces.

By 1950 Pilkington introduced float glass, which meant that a flat sheet of glass could be produced without the use of polishing and grinding techniques. Glass furniture became fashionable in the 1970’s and has since undergone a revival combining new techniques and materials.

4 Living’s extensive glass furniture range combines elegant designs with outstanding quality and attention to detail to create a stunning focal point. Our designs include glass coffee tables with an eye-catching combination of elm or walnut; tables with stainless steel supports and a marble base; clear glass tables; and elegant ‘black’ or clear tempered glass with a stainless steel frame. Here we shall look at 4 Living range for the living room, hallway, bedroom and home office.

Glass Furniture for the Living Room

Acontemporary glass coffee table with bold, confident lines gives a neat, clean look to the living room. It is a great alternative to the traditional wooden rectangular coffee table and attracts the light, opening up the space in the sitting area. Team it with stripped wooden flooring, neutral coloured sofas (in white or cream) and soft furnishing in bright colours such as reds, yellows or oranges.

A contemporary glass coffee table is a work of art in its own right and uses the finest polished and toughened glass. Italian designed, this glass coffee table makes an elegant centre piece. If you want a more traditional look but with a contemporary twist, our glass coffee tables with a combination of walnut or elm wood are ideal. It also has a handy toughened 12mm glass storage shelf for books magazines or TV remotes. We also have a range of side tables, including our nest of three tables.

Glass Furniture for the Hallway

Glass furniture creates the illusion of space and brightens up dark corners - an especially useful quality in dark or narrow hallways. 4 Living sell a beautiful range of Italian glass console tables in smooth, linear designs. They make a great base for displaying a beatiful vase of flowers, as well as storing everyday items such as keys and post.

Glass Furniture for the Bedroom

For the bedroom our glass bedside tables are ideal for the smaller rooms as it makes the room appear larger. Our glass side tables have a simple, minimalist design which can be teamed with any decor. A glass dressing table is also a great look for a modern home and drawers the light into this space. Team it with a comfortable but stylish and contemporary chair to add impact to this room. Our glass work desk could also be used as a dreessing table of contemporary TV table.

Glass Furniture for the Home Office

In modern homes all sorts of spaces can be converted for use into a home office, such as a space in a hallway, on a landing, under the stairs, in the living room or conservatory. A glass desk prevents this space looking overcrowded or cluttered and can serve to limit distractions and imporve concentration. It is also more lightweight than many traditional wooden designs so it is easy to manoeuvre. Our glasswork desl 'Easy' has an elegant contemporary design which will enchance any space.