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Glass Dining Tables

With glass dining tables you can create a stylish, relaxing and natural dining room environment. 4 Living are proud to offer a beautiful and elegant selection of contemporary glass dining tables, perfect for the modern home.

When designing your dining room, it’s important to focus on creating a space that is tranquil and welcoming. The dining room is often the hub of the home, so a relaxed atmosphere in here will emanate throughout your living space. In order to generate a feeling of calm, you must first create a sense of space and light. The way in which the light reflects and refracts off 4 Living polished glass dining tables helps to create this environment.

A dining room should be a welcoming area where a family can sit down to dinner. It should also be able to transform into a setting for a dinner party, with more of a sense of occasion. 4 Living are proud to offer contemporary glass dining tables which can create both atmospheres seamlessly, whilst providing an injection of contemporary style.

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Traditionally, dining room furniture would always be made out of solid woods such as pine or oak. As well as being a visual breath of fresh air, glass dining tables are extremely easy to clean and maintain. They are also extremely durable and stand up well to everyday knocks and bumps, as well as withstanding both cold and heat.

Dining rooms are often used to entertain guests and what better way to show off your beautiful contemporary style than with a stunning polished glass table? Although glass in often considered too much of a statement or too unusual, 4Living believe their collection of glass dining tables can look great alongside more traditional pieces. Many people feel uncomfortable with glass dining tables because their legs can be seen as they eat. With a polished glass table, reflections and light will detract from what is beneath. During a meal, place mats and other objects on the table will tend to obscure vision anyway. And if it is felt to be a real issue for some occasions, a table runner or table cloth will easily solve the problem. The transparent nature of the furniture is certainly nothing but a strength.

As well as being beautiful to look at, a dining table must be functional and durable. Our contemporary glass dining tables have a polished and toughened surface, from which any food or drink can easily be wiped away with a damp cloth. Once you have enough space round the table and enough chairs, dining room space can often seem a little cramped, but the transparent, rounded glass keeps the light flowing through the room.

If you are looking for a practical dining table which makes a real statement, a contemporary glass dining table is for you. Features such as inset curved ‘legs’ mean that the tabletop ‘floats’ and removes the need to fit seats between traditional legs.

Glass furniture also looks fantastic in the living room. A solid glass coffee table with a rounded rectangular top, and rounded right angle legs will provide your living room with an injection of contemporary style, in eye-catching fashion. Many of our glass coffee tables have been made in Italy from polished, toughened glass.

Glass dining tables can often feel cold and harsh if not designed properly; a dining table with rounded edges which, coupled with the reflected light, makes the table easy on the eye. The beauty of a transparent dining table is that you can finally buy interesting looking dining chairs without feeling like you’re hiding them under the table! The luxurious white leather dining chairs in 4 Living’s dining room furniture collection are the perfect chairs to show off behind a glass table.

Accessorise Your Glass Dining Table

-Try placing a glass vase of fresh, colourful flowers in the centre of the table. As well as giving the table a focal point, the colours will reflect beautifully off the polished glass below.

-A pure wool designer rug can be the perfect complement to a contemporary glass dining table. Why not choose a colour from placemats, chairs or fresh flowers?

-If you have awkward spaces you are struggling to fill in the dining room, a small occasional glass table will fill that space with stunning contemporary design of the highest quality.