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Glass Furniture

Glass dining room furniture fulfils the many requirements of modern day furniture. Style, functionality and durability all need to be taken into account and 4 Living’s collection of glass dining room furniture has these qualities in abundance.

Glass furniture should no longer be viewed as fragile and simply of aesthetic value. 4 Living pride themselves on providing glass furniture which is contemporary and usable. All of the glass used in 4 Living’s collection of glass dining room furniture has been toughened and polished; creating a strong and resilient glass surface.

The dining room can often be the nucleus of the home; the hub from which everything emanates. And even if it isn't the hub of your home, the dining room is still likely to be the room in which guests are entertained, and therefore the room in which they will get the best impression of the style of your home. Glass dining room furniture is a classy, subtle and stylish way of expressing elegant contemporary design. One of the many advantages of glass furniture is that it won’t look out of place in a room full of other furniture styles. Glass dining room furniture will complement modern furniture, as well as adding a contemporary injection to more traditional styles.

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Glass Dining Tables

A glass dining table is the ultimate statement of contemporary style. Before you have even put chairs round it or put anything on top of it, it already commands attention in its own right.

4 Living offer a glass dining table which is made from only three pieces of toughened, polish Italian glass. The glass dining table has a beautifully finished curved top and semi circular in-set glass ‘legs’. The beauty of a round glass dining table is that you can have as many or as few chairs as you would like, without the table looking odd or unbalanced. The rounded legs of the table complement the rounded table top as well as emphasising the shine of the polished glass.

One of the beauties of glass dining room furniture is how easy it is to maintain. A damp cloth or simple glass cleaning spray will quickly dispose of any food or drink spills, leaving no evidence of the mishap!

If you are looking for something a bit different, perhaps more of a design statement, a glass dining table with a unique curvy design could be the perfect choice for you. The round table top of the glass dining table creates a dining area which feels welcoming and includes everyone at the table. Instead of having four legs like a traditional table, a toughened Italian glass central support sits in place – a really beautiful contemporary glass dining room piece.

Occasional Glass Tables and Console Tables

Glass dining room furniture such as a dining table can be the perfect contemporary centrepiece to a room. However, if you only want to give your room a subtle style injection and perhaps already have a dining table, then perhaps a beautiful occasional glass table is what you’re looking for?

An occasional glass table is a beautiful piece of glass dining room furniture that will add a touch of elegance and glass to any dining room. Whether it’s chunky glass pillars or cylindrical glass stems which make up the body of the piece, an occasional table will be eye-catching and make a statement. The way that the light reflects, refracts and bounces off the glass stems, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking you are looking at an ice sculpture – It really is a beautifully eye catching piece.

An unusual curved glass table will really show off the medium of glass and the shapes which are possible. One of our designs has curved shaped forms, which make up the body of the table and support the circular tabletop. The curves arc outwards and taper in again to join the circular glass base. The table has some traditional influences but with a distinctly contemporary twist.

A stunning tempered glass console table is the perfect addition to the contemporary dining room, especially if you don’t want the flow of the room to be interrupted by a large sideboard. Glass can be tempered in either black or white, with a beautiful brushed aluminium frame. The glass has been tempered and finished with a stylish oxidised paint, in order to give a contemporary matte effect. Tempered glass dining room furniture is great for anyone looking for a really contemporary, yet subtle piece of glass furniture.