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Feng Shui your home with Oriental Furniture

for health wealth and happiness

4 Living sell stunning Oriental furniture and Chinese furniture, which can help to create a happy and harmonious home. Oriental furniture and Chinese furniture are designed with clean straight lines and simple elegant styling which follows the principles of simplicity seen in the ancient art of Feng Shui. Adding beautiful, contemporary Oriental furniture to your home, with its elegant, non-fussy designs can help to create a calm and tranquil environment leading to a life which is free from annoyances and distractions, allowing you to focus on what is important.

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The history of Feng Shui

The ancient art of Feng Shui originated in China many thousands of years ago. It was founded on the principal that a harmonious and well-balanced home could be created through the correct placement of furniture and artwork and the correct use of colour. In Feng Shui philosophy the outer environment of a person's home is said to mirror the lives of the inhabitants, so filling a home with beautiful furniture, creating calm and balance through colour and lighting and the correct placement of mirrors and art, is said to bring these positive effects into the person's life. Also symbolism plays a large part in Feng Shui, it is important to be surrounded by quality and beauty as this mirrors these things and attracts more of the same into your life.


The 4 Living range of Oriental furniture and Chinese furniture looks wonderful and the black lacquer and white lacquer finishes are stunning. Pieces have been created throughout the range in both colours so that you can easily match your furniture items. 4 Living also produce a range of teak furniture which will also help to create a harmonious home, giving you years of happiness since it, like our Oriental furniture and Chinese furniture range, is built to last.

Beauty, quality, timelessness and longevity are the 4 pillars of Feng Shui from a furniture perspective. Beauty because the pieces are so beautiful they will make the owners feel uplifted every time they look at them. Quality, because in Feng Shui, it is important to buy quality rather than poorly made items and 4 Living’s furniture is made to very high standards. Timelessness, because the furniture designs do not go out of date and work well in a wide range of room sets and Long-lasting because furniture which is built to last, creates positive symbolism in the home.

When it comes to choosing furniture for Feng Shui, less is most definitely, more. It is important not to clutter up your space as clutter restricts the flow of energy and it blocks happiness and wealth from flowing to you. In order to help reduce clutter and keep your rooms clear it is a good idea to invest in some quality storage furniture. In our Oriental furniture and Chinese furniture ranges we stock black lacquer furniture and white lacquer furniture ranges which include black lacquer chests and cupboards and white lacquer chests and cupboards, all of which provide the perfect storage solution whilst tying in nicely with your Oriental furniture or Chinese furniture themes. Storing your clutter in these stylish furniture pieces will keep the clutter out of the way and create a peaceful home; you can relax and unwind in.


Adequate lighting is needed in Feng Shui to ensure the space isn't dark. Dark dingy spaces in Feng Shui are representative of stuck or stagnant energies. These stuck energies can be revitalised not only through the repositioning of furniture but also, through the installation of light sources.

A range of lighting is needed to suit different moods and situations. In a kitchen or food preparation area, lighting should be strong so that anyone working in the vicinity will have ample light to see by. The same is true of any reading or work areas. Lighting can be subdued in areas where it not so needed, in dining rooms and living rooms for example and in bedrooms. Here subdued lighting works very well.

From a Feng Shui perspective lights should be added to the North area up light up the inhabitants journey through life. This will assist with career opportunities and give homeowners a sense that their path is opening up or being lit up for them.


4 Living’s lighting range is not hugely extensive, at time of writing we have just seventeen items on offer but those seventeen items are the epitome of style and elegance. Each piece is as stylish and timeless as the next and all have been expertly and lovingly crafted to produce wonderfully eye-catching illuminations.

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In Feng Shui and Chinese interior design, it is believed that wealth is attracted through the display of the most precious or expensive ornaments. This outward display of good fortune sends out a symbolic message, aimed at attracting more of the same. It is important therefore, to display your most precious and most expensive ornaments, for all to see. This is not considered a vulgar display of wealth, it is simply a means by which the home owner hopes to attract more wealth.

It is however, very easy to over accessorise a room with lots of ornaments and knick-knacks. Avoid this clutter trap by only displaying a few items of the very finest quality. Fill vases full of fresh flowers and any bowls, full of fresh fruit and if your room features any soft furnishings or rugs, ensure these are of the highest quality also.

4 living’s range of bedding and rugs is made from only natural materials of the highest quality. Our bedding is organic and fair-trade and has a very high thread count. The Ashika bed linen collection, for example, has a thread count of 330, our Elisabetta bed linen has a thread count of 475, Elsa has a 400-thread count and our Monochrome range also has a 400-thread count. Most 5 star hotels around the world have bed linen with 200 thread count.

Our range of woollen rugs is of the highest quality too. We stock contemporary woollen rugs as well as some more traditional, Asian inspired designs. All our rugs are made from 100% natural lambs wool and come in a variety of designs, colours and sizes.