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Bamboo and Reclaimed Wood

4 Living offers many stylish eco friendly furniture designs within its Boutique bamboo and oriental furniture collections. From a two-metre tall bamboo eco headboard, bedside table and wardrobe to chests, to sideboards and eco friendly furniture for your dining and living room. If you are looking for eco friendly, contemporary British designed furniture you'll find it at 4 Living.

Our furniture is made from high quality sustainable materials, such as bamboo and reclaimed wood. The bamboo we use, for instance, is grown without pesticides and replenishes itself within only one growing season.

4 Living's oriental furniture is built to last a lifetime. It comes fully assembled and is made using traditional methods such as dovetail jointing, solid reclaimed wood and fibreboard panels.

Why Bamboo Furniture?

Two years ago some friends of ours suggested to research whether we could use bamboo as a material to make contemporary eco friendly furniture. And we thought this was a great idea! Bamboo is one of the most versatile and sustainable eco furniture materials on the planet and it looks beautiful too. This is why bamboo is becoming more and more popular. For example bamboo fabrics are appearing in high fashion, bamboo is used for flooring and now it being used to make eco friendly furniture and home accessories.

Whilst bamboo cane conservatory furniture has existed for a long time, contemporary bamboo furniture is made using high-tech engineered laminated solid bamboo rather than the raw cane. This enables furniture pieces to be created with elegant, straight edged designs - which are much more stylish for the modern home!

Why is Bamboo Such an Eco Friendly Material to Make Furniture From?

Bamboo is a sustainable material because it grows incredibly quickly - up to a metre per day, which is six times faster than trees. It doesn't require pesticides or replanting which helps prevent soil erosion and, compared to trees, it removes more green house gases from the atmosphere, which helps to combat man-made climate change. Also bamboo becomes very strong and hardwearing after maturing and drying, which all go to make it a great material to make eco friendly contemporary furniture with!

How Eco Friendly is Our Oriental Furniture Range?

4 Living's oriental furniture collection is made using environmentally friendly, reclaimed solid Pine wood, locally sourced from old buildings and rail ways in China.

The paints and lacquers used on our oriental furniture are the next generation cleaner paints and lacquers that comply with the latest EU 2010 VOC regulations.

Our furniture is created using EU 'EO' standard for adhesives. This is the cleanest and most advanced specification adhesive available.

Delivery and Packaging

In 2009 4 Living changed the packaging of its furniture collections to 100% recyclable cardboard and we removed the plastic foam sheets that are normally used. 4 Living also recycles the cardboard packaging for its customers.

We do our best to deliver our furniture with the minimum amount of miles and fossil fuel. The emissions we do emit we offset by investing in renewable energy and negative carbon projects in partnership with Climate Care.

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