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Contemporary Oak Sideboards

A contemporary oak sideboard could be the difference between a bland and predictable interior and a cutting edge contemporary home. The tone of oak is so versatile and looks great alongside other solid woods, such as walnut or teak. A stylish designer sideboard is equally versatile in terms of use; it could look great in a kitchen, living room, dining room or even bedroom (I know. More on that in a minute.)

Using the very finest in both contemporary designs and quality solid oak, 4 Living have selected a desirable and varied selection of contemporary oak sideboards to benefit any modern home.

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Stonecut Oak Sideboard

The ‘Stonecut’ is a contemporary oak sideboard with unique and modern styling. It features contemporary horizontal grooved detailing across the entire face, in the same direction as the healthy oak grain. The grooves are a really nice modern touch when juxtaposed with the natural oak grain. As well as the horizontal detailing in the oak, the ‘Stonecut’ sideboard has a contemporary steel base which allows light to spread across the floor to give a greater feeling of space. When it comes to contemporary interiors, creating a relaxing environment is a top priority, and this contemporary oak sideboard will fulfil that goal effortlessly.

The ‘Stonecut’ is also available as a large contemporary sideboard, which provides more essential storage as well as enabling you to show off more of the stunning sideboard. The larger sideboard features four cupboards, as opposed to three and has a central supporting leg. The extra length and larger surface actually seems to create more space, due to the large oak surface areas.

Burger Oak Sideboard

Less is more.

The handsome ‘Burger’ contemporary oak sideboard is the perfect example of how the combination of high quality solid wood and styles from some of Europe’s top designers can work together perfectly. The oak of the ‘Burger’ sideboard has something of a smooth finish, as opposed to the obvious variances in grain in some of the other pieces. The soft appearance of the oak means it really will look good with anything. Even those old fashioned floor boards or beams! The ‘Burger’ sideboard provides excellent storage in any room, even a bedroom-come-office.

Little details make the ‘Burger’ oak sideboard what it is. Details such as the groove underneath the drawers, going the whole way around the piece; or the base of the piece being smaller in area in order to give the effect that the piece is floating. Small touches such as these prevent the piece from overshadowing or dominating the rest of the room.

Shadow Oak Sideboard

The manipulation of oak grain and right angles creates a stunningly original piece in the ‘Shadow’ contemporary oak sideboard. The grain of the piece runs horizontally and is dissected by the stylish, clean lines of the cupboards. This creates a lovely symmetry and balance which is enhanced by a clean solid oak border.

The ‘Shadow’ oak sideboard works harmoniously with simple contemporary interiors. The soft tone of the wood embraces light and creates space, whilst also highlighting the richer colour in the interior. It’s quite a nice thought that a contemporary piece of furniture can be so stylish and yet still have so much storage space!

Double Oak Sideboard

The ‘Double’ contemporary oak sideboard is one of those pieces you come across and can’t help but admire. The sideboard is extremely solid and clean in appearance and is made with the finest quality oak. Although the sideboard has powerful lines and is quite substantial (available up to 4 doors-216cm) they are softened by the stylish open shelf above the cupboards. The open shelf means that the ‘Double’ oak sideboard can double up as an original and majestic TV unit with room for your TV, DVD Player, digital box and all of your DVDs in one place.

Another stylish design feature in the ‘Double’ contemporary oak sideboard is the slight variation of wood grain in the different oak panels. This variation emphasises the oak grain as well as complimenting any existing wood grains in the room. The soft pastel-like colour of the oak means complimentary pieces such Persian rugs or abstract art won’t clash with the sideboard at all.

The ‘Double sideboard is available as a three door sideboard or a four drawer large sideboard, ensuring versatility in space as well as use.

Ligna Oak Sideboard

Another great example of an original and contemporary oak sideboard is the ‘Ligna’ solid oak sideboard. The sideboard has a number of original contemporary touches. To start with, it has a lower profile than most large sideboards and, due to it not interfering with your eye line, will give a greater sense of space and light in the room. The ‘Ligna’ is made of solid oak but interestingly sits atop an attractive brushed steel frame. The steel legs are sleek and slim, which emphasise the solid nature of the oak sideboard above.

The long, low five door sideboard is a real statement piece, however not everybody has space for a five door sideboard in their desired room. As with most of the contemporary oak sideboards, 4 Living offer other sizes: four or three doors. The three drawer ‘Ligna’ sideboard is a stylish and compact sideboard which will suit virtually any room.

The Ligna, as well as being available as a three, four or five door sideboard, is available a full 70cm higher. The high ‘Ligna’ makes a truly majestic style statement with both functional (storage) and aesthetic value.

Flat Oak Sideboard

The ‘Flat’ contemporary oak sideboard takes command of any contemporary or minimalist room. It has an extremely strong and solid structure, which is echoed in the design choices. Available with two, three, four or five cupboards, the ‘Flat’ oak sideboard is extremely versatile as well as solid. The piece is simple and balanced, with a slight, yet sharp recess above and below each drawer; which gives the impression of a continuous line running across the upper portion of the face.

The ‘Flat’ sideboard fits best in a room which has simple lines and geometric shapes, however it can act as a welcome juxtaposition with a more traditional pieces.

Contemporary Oak Sideboardsclick here to browse our range of products