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Contemporary Oak Furniture

4 Living are delighted to offer you our contemporary Oak furniture collection. The largest of our natural wood collections, it also has many style options to suit a wide range of tastes.

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Contemporary Oak furniture is becoming increasingly popular and sought after, but for several decades Oak was seriously out of fashion. Oak is the most traditional of woods, and has been used for furniture making for many centuries, if not thousands of years. For most people, “Oak” conjures up images of rustic stools and tables or perhaps very functional items such as church pews. In England especially, Oak was the local and easily obtainable wood, and therefore most likely to be used for building and basic furniture making. Those with money or an eye for fashion would choose more exotic woods from overseas such as Teak, Walnut and Rosewood. As furniture making became more industrialised and people started to buy, rather than make their own furniture, fast growing softwoods such as Pine were a more economic option than the slower growing Oak.

At the same time, the idea of contemporary furniture also came to also mean, to a large degree, disposable. With that mindset, there is little point in going to the trouble of designing and making contemporary Oak furniture if you believe it will be replaced by something more fashionable within 5 years.

But although Oak may have fallen out of fashion, it never really went away. And now a new generation of furniture designers are returning to traditional materials, including Oak, and creating contemporary Oak furniture which is not only built to last but set to become a future classic. And the 4 Living contemporary Oak furniture range shows just how stylish and elegant Oak can be when used in a contemporary style.

Extremely resilient and solid in nature, the visual beauty of Oak lies in its light tone and soft appearance. Unlike Teak or Walnut, which both have a deep grain, Oak has a largely softer and more versatile appearance. The light colour of the wood acts as a useful canvas around which to decorate room.

If you are looking for the golden grain which is often associated with Oak, then the Azur range of contemporary Oak furniture will be perfect. The chests of three or five drawers have prominent golden grain which will really improve a bland and lifeless room. The glow also makes the wood look nourished and healthy which will help to create a peaceful environment. The drawers overlap the sides of the piece, making up the whole front fascia. This contemporary feature works fantastically well in updating a classic wood look and making it suitable for the stylish 21st century home.

The Horizon range features soft wood tones and a natural finish. The Oak on the Horizon collection feels almost skin-like in its softness. The plank-like slats which sit across the front of the pieces in the collection have a very natural feel to them, almost as if the gaps in between are to let air in and out. This fresh feeling will be echoed throughout the room.

The Double range from 4 Living has the clean lines and large surfaces that you would probably expect from a piece of contemporary furniture. However, the style and sophistication of the pieces is far from typical. The thick cut of the wood and graining on the cupboard panels give the pieces a real touch of class. The Double range comprises of a three or four door sideboard with a spacious open drawer sitting above the cupboards. The open drawer really helps to release some of the bulk of such a large piece and create a stylish sideboard which will suit any dining or living room.

Contemporary Oak furniture is a fantastic accessory to any modern room as, although it is undoubtedly beautiful, it will not detract attention from other pieces in the room. Oak’s pale colour will also help to spread light around a dark room or fit in seamlessly in a light room.

For those wanting to focus more on the “contemporary” angle, pieces such as the Oak and steel coffee table act as excellent finishing touches to a very minimalist room. Very minimalist decor schemes can end up looking overly harsh or industrial. The Oak and steel table solves this effortlessly with a refined sleek design of a stainless steel frame and a grained oak top, which injects warmth while staying simple.

Oak is solid and durable wood, which makes it especially suitable for constructing bed frames, and our Azur and Horizon Oak beds are a fantastic investment. They both provide a sturdy base suitable for any kind of mattress and a colour palette which won’t limit your choice of bed linen or room decor.