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Contemporary Mirrors

4 Living are proud to offer a beautiful collection of contemporary mirrors in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colours. The design and style of a beautiful contemporary mirror can be used in so many ways: it can spread light around the home, be used as a dressing mirror or act as a stylish contemporary statement piece. 4 Living’s collection of contemporary mirrors includes oriental black lacquer mirrors, oriental white lacquer mirrors, teak mirrors, oak mirrors and stylish glass contemporary mirrors. Every mirror in 4 Living’s collection has its own unique uses and qualities, just as every room has different requirements.

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Oriental Mirrors

Traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles and techniques dictate the home (and life in general) should have a continuous and organic flow. 4 Living are proud to offer oriental contemporary mirrors which echo traditional Chinese designs, as well as adhering to Feng Shui principles by spreading and reflecting light. The large black oriental mirror is a majestic 200x80cm, which shows off the luxurious black lacquer finish of the frame, as well as reflecting a tremendous amount of light around the room. The mirror has wall fastenings and can be placed in either portrait or landscape. Another option is to lean the mirror against the wall at a slight angle; this can make the ceiling seem higher, as well as creating a more relaxed environment in the room.

The subtle cream tone of the contemporary oriental white lacquer mirror is another easy and stylish way with which to create a light and flowing interior. The square white mirror is a stylish contemporary mirror with subtle oriental detail such as the grooved Chinese-style lip along the top edge. The mirror has distressed edging, which reveals the golden tone of the wood beneath. This stops the mirror from looking too artificial and enhances the natural tone of the room. The symmetry of these square contemporary mirrors, coupled with the obvious reflective qualities, helps to create a healthy balance in keeping with Feng Shui Principles.

Solid Wood Mirrors

A lot of furniture, flooring and accessories are made from solid wood such as oak, or at least wooden veneers. A beautiful contemporary mirror which complements other pieces in the room is a really good way to create continuity and flow in the home. 4 Living have a number of solid wood contemporary mirrors, such as the beautiful large teak mirror. Teak has a naturally nourished, healthy and rich tone to its grain, due to its natural and resilient oils. The oils also provide durability and resilience, so you can be sure that your teak mirror will lead a long and happy life.

Oak has been used to make furniture for decades, which is which is why 4 Living decided to give the beautiful material a contemporary injection. As well as their stunning collection of solid oak contemporary furniture for the living room, dining room and bedroom, 4 Living are proud to offer elegant and stylish oak-framed mirrors. The light frame oak mirror shows off the beauty and elegance of oak in a subtle and minimalistic way, further creating light and a natural atmosphere.

Creating a Statement

As well as creating a Feng Shui style flow and balance, contemporary mirrors can also be design statements, viewed like sculptures or paintings with a story to tell. A stylish contemporary glass mirror can add a dynamic element and instantly energise a room which is missing that extra touch.

The beautiful ‘Criss Cross’ mirror is a stylish contemporary glass mirror, reminiscent of Piet Mondrian’s ‘grid’ style paintings of the early to mid twentieth century. The mirror is made up of a number of rectangular forms, which are juxtaposed beautifully with the seemingly random and irregular way with which they are arranged. The irregularity creates curiosity to the eye; drawing your peripheral vision towards the mirror whenever you enter the room. Such eye-catching design can be completely unique to contemporary glass mirrors.

The stylish and fin ‘He’ and ‘She’ mirrors are perfect for the modern bedroom and solve the age old conundrum of mirror sharing! The frosted mirrors are full-body, simple rectangular mirrors with a male or female figure in reflective glass. This functional and fun mirror has tremendous novelty value as well as the minimalism in keeping with simple, light bedroom styles.