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Contemporary Hardwood Furniture

Why We’re Loving Walnut and Teak

For years, the concept of contemporary hardwood furniture seemed almost like a contradiction in terms. Hardwoods like Walnut and Teak were perceived as expensive and old-fashioned at best, or even environmentally dubious. And so, contemporary wooden furniture consisted primarily of traditional Oak and Pine, flat pack furniture and poor quality wood with no durability. At 4 Living we aim to redress the balance by offering contemporary hardwood furniture which has both beauty and durability. The hardwoods Teak and Walnut are the epitome of contemporary eco-friendly style.

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Teak is a hardwood usually grown in tropical climates such as South East Asia or the Caribbean. Its natural oils help to protect it from the elements, making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture, as well as removing the need for any chemical glazes or varnishes. Teak is also one of the strongest and most dense woods in the world, so any teak contemporary hardwood furniture you buy will really be a lifetime investment. It’s safe to say you are buying something which will last a hundred years if cared for properly.

And we’ve taken care of your conscience too. The wood in the 4 Living Teak range is all FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sourced reclaimed teak. This means the forests are sustainably and ethically managed and the trees are replanted at the rate they are harvested.

Walnut, unlike Teak or the reclaimed pine used in our oriental lacquer collection, has not always been associated with contemporary hardwood furniture. It has typically been found in the creation of architectural woodwork, musical instruments, decorative panels and the interiors of luxury cars and boats. Occasional small and ornamental pieces of furniture were always made, but never to the scale and style necessary to furnish a contemporary home.

One of the most appealing qualities of Walnut is the visual interest and impact of its distinctive grain. The different tones found in the deep set grain are like fingerprints – impossible to replicate. The depth of different hues which be achieved from staining the wood, provide character and warmth.

What will turn a great piece of wood into a luxurious item of contemporary hardwood furniture is the design. In the Walnut collection, the ‘Double’ range makes use of highly contemporary large blocks, clean lines and right angles which work beautifully in juxtaposition with the natural grain. Such a large structure made from wood will always have a very natural feel, so you need not worry about it looking too manufactured.

In the Teak collection the ‘Horizon’ range perfectly melds the contemporary lines of a modern home with natural and rustic wood tones and styles. The wooden panels which sit horizontally on the facade of the piece have an almost nautical feel to them. However, the symmetry and lines of the piece are beautifully contemporary. Pieces such as the Horizon locker are ideal for any room and can complement patterned wallpaper or plain coloured walls equally well.

So at 4 Living we see contemporary hardwood furniture as the way forward – for style, for quality and for environmental sustainability. And although this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap, Teak and Walnut furniture from 4 Living will always be a good investment. Its durability means it will last a lifetime, while the contemporary, yet classic designs are versatile enough to fit with any change in style around them.

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