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Chinese Wardrobes

4 Living offer wide variety of Chinese Wardrobes, available in many different sizes; shapes and styles. Although they specialise in contemporary style, 4 Living have a number of Chinese wardrobes which provide both practicality and modern oriental style.

Chinese Wardrobes – click here to view our full range of Chinese bedroom furniture

In a bedroom, storage for clothes is usually essential; but why should you compromise the visual quality of a room to house storage? Chests of drawers can be have a huge floor footprint, preventing the room from flowing freely. Although often a stylish way of storing your clothes, a chest of drawers isn’t the best when it comes to keeping your clothes neat and tidy. They just seem to

A large Chinese wardrobe is a beautiful oriental design statement, providing plenty of storage for clothes and accessories. A slim Chinese wardrobe could be the solution to awkward space or alcove; using up these awkward areas is a great way of saving space. Click on the links below to view our contemporary Chinese wardrobes:

Tall white lacquer wardrobe

Tall black lacquer wardrobe

Large Black lacquer wardrobe

Large White lacquer wardrobe

Small Black Lacquer Cabinet

How Wardrobes Can Create a Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui requires attention to detail, it requires care, and it requires you to treat a room as a living entity. A clean bedroom, without clutter, will create space and flow within the room. Feng Shui actually means ‘wind’ and ‘water’; these are the only two elements which flow, something which you should keep in mind at all times when designing a room or purchasing new furniture.

A beautiful Chinese wardrobe will provide a home for all the items that might detract from the flow of the room; this could be clothes, shoes, accessories, anything. Feng Shui principles are actually fairly simple; the state of your home, and the environment around you, will have a direct effect on you. You’ve heard this expression “tidy house, tidy mind”- That’s Feng Shui in a nutshell. Ancient Chinese Feng Shui principles are all about the relationship between you and your surroundings, but you don’t have to be ancient (or Chinese for that matter) in order to enjoy a spacious and relaxing home.

Choosing the Right Wardrobe

Any wardrobe, much like a bed, will always be a dominant design feature in a room so it is important to select a piece which suits the space and surrounding furniture. If a room is full of very contemporary and symmetrical pieces with straight edges and large smooth surfaces, then the tall lacquer wardrobe will continue this modern, simple theme.

However, variety in a piece like a large Chinese wardrobe with the character you’d expect from a traditional oriental style can really bring variety in design and, with its round brass centre-handle and discreet shell-like curves above the doors, can soften any harsh edges and shapes found on surrounding pieces.

A larger Chinese wardrobe has enough space underneath to accommodate a wicker basket or shoe rack for extra storage, whilst using no less floor space. Finding a sleek basket or storage box to go underneath is a great way of utilising floor space. One of the benefits of a Chinese lacquer finish is that it creates warmth but still has enough reflection to not overly dominate a room or suffocate light. A surface scratch on a black lacquer wardrobe can easily be removed with a fine grade wire wool. A larger scratch won’t stick out like a sore thumb as contemporary oriental furniture often has a distressed feel to it.

Oriental styles can be made from a number of different would types; for example, oriental bamboo furniture is a more natural variation on Chinese design. Bamboo is a sustainable wood source; it grows so quickly that some say you can actually hear it grow. It is also solid enough to last a lifetime, with a distinct grain running through.

If you already have a large chest or wardrobe, but still require more storage, a slim cabinet might be a good option. The benefit of a small oriental cabinet or oriental wardrobe is that it will provide an extra bit of storage and exhibit beautiful oriental design without taking up too much space.

Chinese wardrobes can be integral pieces in any contemporary bedroom and could even be used in a living room or dining room for design and storage features. Whether your design is oriental or a mix of contemporary pieces, they will be excellent additions to a room.

A beautiful style of oriental cabinet is an older piece which has been brought stunningly up to date with a modern and vibrant coloured lacquer or decoration, resulting in a piece that will sit happily in today’s contemporary home. With round brass face plates representative of eternity on the outside and a hand painted cascade motif in fuchsia pink and gold on the inside, it will form a stunning centrepiece to any room of the house.