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Chinese TV Units

4 Living sell a choice of Chinese TV units and Chinese TV cabinets made from black or white lacquered ash. Our Chinese TV units and cabinets are part of a full range of black and white lacquered furniture including sideboards, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, beds, chests of drawers, wardrobes and more. So integrating your TV storage into your living room – or even your bedroom – could not be easier.

Our Chinese TV units and cabinets, have a very contemporary feel, with clean lines and a gloss finish. But they also feature distressed edging, to show the warmth of the wood, and aged brass handles and detailing, which create a more relaxed look.

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Design Requirements for TV Units

Unless you have your TV wall-mounted, a TV unit of some kind is one of the most important items in a contemporary living room. It gets looked at almost constantly, so it needs to work aesthetically with your TV, providing a good display height and minimum visual distraction from the TV itself.

But it also needs to provide an element of storage, for DVDs, TV guides and remotes, and it should be possible to easily include a DVD recorder/player connected to the TV, and allow wiring to escape through the back of the unit. And since it is likely to receive the attentions of multiple hands and fingers, it needs to have an easy to clean and durable surface.

All our Chinese TV units meet these requirements. TV tables with simple black or white finishes blend perfectly with most modern TV units, which also tend to come in either black or white casings. A well applied lacquer finish is smooth, durable and cleans easily. Aged brass detailing creates great juxtaposition, adds subtle visual interest, whilst maintaining Feng Shui simplicity. Contemporary oriental furniture usually features some kind of distressed edging, which means the unit will wear gracefully in the face of inevitable knocks and bumps.

To Hide or Not to Hide?

Opinion is divided about whether a TV should be on display or hidden away when not in use. In the end it comes down to personal preference and how a room is used generally. For those who prefer the TV to be on show, or where the TV is the de facto focal point of a room, a low TV unit with one or two shelves or drawers underneath, provides the ideal design. If the TV is used only occasionally, or if it is in a bedroom, a hideaway design may be preferable.

Low Units 

Centuries ago, all Chinese furniture was built low to the ground in order to create a more airy and spacious room – and to reflect the practice of sitting and reclining while eating, talking or drinking tea. Traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles dictate that all of the space in a room is important, not just space on the floor.

Black Lacquer Low Unit

White Lacquer Low Unit


For a hideaway solution, a subtle contemporary option is a black lacquer oriental cabinet. A multi-purpose slim cabinet can be used either in the bedroom or the living room and is capable of storing much more than just a TV. In the bedroom, it can provide storage for folded clothing or other items such as books. In the living room it can double as DVD storage, bookcase or to hide other items such as toys or baby paraphernalia. It is particularly useful if there are multiple other electrical items connected to the TV such as games consoles or even a small music system. An oriental cabinet with decorative brass handles is an extremely elegant way to turn your family entertainment centre back into a sophisticated living room.

Black Lacquer Cabinet

White Lacquer Cabinet

Higher Units

If you prefer your TV higher up, or perhaps if your TV is wall mounted, many of our other Chinese lacquered furniture items can usefully double up as Chinese TV units.

An oriental sideboard is a tremendously versatile piece of living room storage. As well, as providing a welcome home for the clutter of everyday life, a sideboard can double up as a stylish oriental TV table.

White Lacquer Sideboard

TV’s are often found in the bedroom, but where to put them? TV tables are too low for a bedroom and separate units may take up too much space. A large oriental chest of drawers will provide a place to store most, if not all, of your clothes with a TV sitting comfortably on top of it. The size of an oriental chest of drawers will mean that a TV will not detract from any design features which add to the design of your bedroom.

Black Lacquer Eight Drawer Chest

White Lacquer Eight Drawer Chest

Other Options

Of course, just about any piece of furniture with a flat top may be used to support a TV, so even a very traditional oriental cabinet will work. Even a very compact ornate cabinet will happily support a small TV, such as a 19” or 21” model, while being easily accommodated into a small room. The proportions and decorations make this a lovely feature for a bedroom, and any cupboard space below can be used for TV related items or bedroom storage, as you wish.