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Welcome abundance into your home this Chinese New

Year with stunning black lacquer Chinese furniture

In China, they have massive celebrations over the first few days of the New Year, inviting friends and family and creating a sense of abundance. Preparations for the celebration of this Chinese New Year, the year of the Rabbit which falls on February 3rd will include spring cleaning, de-cluttering and stocking up fridges and larders with an abundance of food and drink.

Key to marking this auspicious occasion in the correct manner is cleanliness and order, preferably throughout the house but particularly in the kitchen and food storage areas. Cupboards must be both clean and full since the Chinese regard these as essential elements and symbols of health and prosperity for the forthcoming year.

The Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate with family, below are listed a few hints and tips on making the most of the Chinese New Year but even if you don't bother with any of them, it's still a great time to pick up the phone and call your friends and loved ones to let them know they are important to you.

Furnish your home with beautiful Chinese furniture that symbolises abundance and luxury

The ideology and the symbolism behind Feng Shui is inextricably linked to this cleaning and clearing process and with the movement of energy throughout the home. Clutter will interrupt the flow of energy and a crowded space will lead to energy stagnation. Clutter is anything in your life which either you don't love or don't use and the process of de-cluttering causes you to look at the things you have around you, your current position personally and professionally, the situations you find yourself in and even the furnishings within your home, to see whether there is anything you wish to change.

If your home is full to bursting with furniture pieces that you have just accumulated over the years, none of which really match and most of which you don’t actually need, it is time to de-clutter. In doing so, you will make way for new energies that are ready and have been waiting for the chance to come into your life.

With this in mind, it time to replace that tired or tatty furniture and spruce up the 3 main rooms of the home – the living room, the dining room and the bedroom, this will help you to welcome in luck this new year.

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Create a luxurious living room setting for the Chinese New Year celebrations with black lacquer living room furniture

The living room is the principal room in the home for relaxation, at least during your waking hours. It therefore makes sense that it should be as comfortable and attractive a room as possible. With Chinese black lacquer living room furniture this look and feel can be accomplished easily.

The beauty of our black lacquer living room furniture pieces is that whatever they are; coffee tables, side tables, mirrors, TV tables, cabinets or consoles, they all match, creating a luxurious and welcoming room set for you to feel proud of.

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Create a luxurious dining room setting for the Chinese New Year celebrations with black lacquer dining room furniture

Your dining room is at the centre of your home, particularly when it comes to entertaining. Yes, a few people may congregate in the kitchen to begin with, but when it comes to eating, it is the dining room to which they will naturally gravitate.

Your dining room should be clutter free, allowing each of your dinner guests the maximum amount of personal space and it should be decorated and furnished in such a way as to put your guests at ease, making them feel as comfortable as possible.

Our range of black lacquer dining room furniture, consisting of small and large side boards, dining tables and matching leather upholstered chairs makes for an exquisite dining room set which is both stylish and contemporary.

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Create a luxurious bedroom setting for the Chinese New Year celebrations with black lacquer bedroom furniture

Of all the rooms in your home, by far and away the most important from the point of view of rest and relaxation, is the bedroom. This room must be peaceful, relaxing and comfortable so as to enable you to get a good night’s sleep and feel fully refreshed come morning and ready to face the day ahead.

One of the ways in which you can create this atmosphere of peace and calm in this harmonious space, is through selecting the right pieces of bedroom furniture. Black lacquer bedroom furniture comes in a comprehensive range of pieces allowing you to kit out your bedroom however you see fit.

If you are lucky enough to have the space, you could furnish your bedroom with the full range of items to include the oriental bed, oriental wardrobes, oriental chest of drawers and the tall chest, not forgetting the bedside tables or oriental nightstands. In the interests of harmony we would suggest you place a nightstand or oriental bedside table on either side of your bed, perhaps with matching oriental style lamps.

Bear in mind though that in Feng Shui, less is more, particularly if you are lacking in space. If this is the case then simply opt for those essential items that are going to make your rest and relaxation time, that much more enjoyable.

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Other Chinese customs for welcoming in luck this new year

The act of cleaning and sweeping away is representative of the cleaning, clearing and sweeping away of stagnant, stuck, negative or tired energies to make way for new, vigorous and positive energies for the year to come.

Empty and defrost the fridge freezer, dispose of anything that has been resting there for too long. Discard anything that you are not sure about and replace it with something fresh. Get rid of anything that's less than half-full, check your condiments and jars, if they have nearly ran out, bin them and replace with new ones.

Clean the outside of the fridge. If the front of your fridge resembles a photo album or a note book or if it is covered in magnets, take-away menus or lots of different coloured numbers and letters, clear them all off. Wipe the slate clean, you can replace all the really necessary items after the New Year.

Do the same for your kitchen cupboards and shelves, use or throw away anything that's been in there for too long. Give all your surfaces a good clean down, remember, what you are doing is cleaning and clearing away the energies that have stagnated over time and replacing those energies with new, more vibrant ones

Thoroughly clean your cooker so it sparkles, replace any old tea towels and dish cloths with new ones.

Sweep the kitchen floor and brush the detritus straight out of the back door. This symbolically removes the old energy and any lingering not-so-good luck and makes room for good luck to come in with the New Year.

Go shopping in the run up to the New Year. Ensure your fridge, freezer and cupboards are fully stocked and that any dry food containers like flour, rice and sugar are full. Put oranges on your shopping list and at the supermarket or grocers choose nine of the biggest, most perfectly round oranges you can find. Then, on February 3rd, roll each of the oranges, in turn, through the front door and across the threshold of your home. This is strongly symbolic of good luck coming in to fill your home. Once the oranges are inside the house, place them in a bowl in the centre of your kitchen or living room, that their brightness and energy may fill the room and pervade throughout your home.