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Chinese living room furniture

4 Living sell a range of Chinese living room furniture, finished in a beautiful deep black or linen white lacquer including Chinese style coffee tables, oriental side tables, TV tables and units, console tables, sideboards, cabinets and trunks. All of these furniture items have been produced to the same high standard and designed to complement one another perfectly.

When choosing your Chinese living room furniture it is important to first establish what look you are intending to create. This can best be done by assessing the amount of space available. If the room you are looking to furnish is a little on the small side, it may be better to choose our linen white Chinese living room furniture, to enhance the feeling of space in the room.

If on the other hand, the room you are looking to furnish is quite large, you may be better to go for Chinese living room furniture in the black lacquer range. Installing black lacquered furniture in a spacious room will have the effect of visually reducing the room in size, making it a cosier, more intimate environment for your family and guests to enjoy.

Black Lacquer Living Room Furniture – click here to browse our black lacquer furniture

White Lacquered Living Room Furniture – click here to browse our white lacquered furniture

Chinese Coffee Tables

Chinese coffee tables are available in two styles across both the black lacquer furniture range and the linen white lacquer furniture range. Both designs are low to the ground, in keeping with the Chinese style.

The “Beijing” style of Chinese coffee table incorporates a distinctive ball design in the legs. This gives it an unmistakably far eastern feel. The “Oriental” style Chinese coffee table has been constructed in a simpler, more contemporary style.

A Chinese coffee table is an extremely useful piece of Chinese living room furniture, not just providing a useful platform upon which to rest coffee cups, newspapers, magazines or decorative items such as bowls, vases or perhaps a coffee table art book.

Chinese Side Tables

Our Chinese side tables come fully assembled, with a single drawer. They are hand made using solid reclaimed pine wood and have a smart flip up brass drawer handle. They are finished in silky smooth black lacquer or a creamy linen white lacquer with wooden stressed edging detail. Each piece is hand crafted ensuring a unique and individual feel. Chinese side tables work well together with other items of Chinese living room furniture, especially when they are paired and set at either side of a large settee or couch.

Chinese Sideboards

A small oriental sideboard can be a beautiful, compact and useful piece of living room furniture. A sideboard can be a chic storage solution for your DVDs, a display table for decorative sculptures or flowers or simply an oriental design statement. A sideboard is often a welcome solution to unwanted wall space in the living room.

To create a truly relaxing and spacious living room, the space needs to be clutter free, with clean lines and clear surfaces. A large oriental sideboard will not only give you somewhere to store the clutter, but provide a wonderful glossy surface on which to display flowers or ornaments. A contemporary oriental sideboard is a fantastic way of showing off luxurious and smooth Chinese lacquer. The vast surface are of a large sideboard provide the sense of cleanliness and space within the room, as well as exhibiting modern oriental style.

Chinese TV Tables

A Chinese TV table will give your living room a refreshing juxtaposition between traditional design, modern design and modern technology. A Chinese TV table needs to have a symmetrical and angular frame in order to compliment a TV effectively. The lines of a contemporary oriental sideboard will work with the TV whilst any distressing, grooving or traditional brass handles will provide a traditional twist. Modern technology can often look too cold and harsh, disrupting the flow of the room, but a TV table with more traditional influences will help to blend any electronics into the design of the room.

TV’s seem to be growing and growing, so it’s important that your TV table isn’t lost underneath. A TV table should be wider than the TV it is supporting, framing it nicely. A great benefit of a larger, wider TV table is storage, which is so often hard to find in the living room. Why not turn your TV wall into a statement wall with vibrant wallpaper and a wide TV table? Any kind of floral wallpaper works well as a backdrop for contemporary Chinese living room furniture.

Chinese Lacquer Mirrors

We have created a range of wall and console mounted mirrors available in both black lacquer and white lacquer to perfectly complement our lacquered furniture. These can, of course, go in any room of the house, and using more than one of the same design can help to carry through a design theme between rooms. They are finished to the same high standards and beautifully reflect the quality of the range.

Creating a Chinese living room

When creating a Chinese style living room, close attention must be paid to colour schemes, accessories, flooring and lighting, as well as to furniture and its placement within a space. The Chinese put a lot of store by space: they do not believe in clutter, adopting a minimalist style of room furnishing to enable the free flow of movement, ‘Qi’, or vital energy around a living space. Any accessories that are on display – ornaments, paintings and so on – will be of either a high personal or financial value since the Chinese believe that displaying items of worth will lead to the attraction of more wealth and prosperity

When using colour the Chinese will, more often than not, stick to a closely related palette consisting of black, reds, greens and yellows, creams or gold. These are the 4 principal colours, relating to Water, Fire, Nature and Earth respectively. Other colours can and are of course used in their decorations and ornamentations, but these are the colours to which the Chinese attach the most significance.

Lighting is also carefully considered by the Chinese. Darkened corners are believed to be areas in which ‘Qi’ or energy can get stuck. You’ll often find that it is in such dark corners that dust settles and that the air feels stagnant. This is a sign that the ‘Qi’ or energy within the room has slowed in these areas and it needs to be released. For this reason, soft lighting is deployed, the shadows are dispersed and these areas are illuminated, enabling the vital energy to move freely once more.

To be truly authentic, a Chinese living room will not be carpeted from wall to wall. The floors will be of natural materials like wood or stone, and will be covered by rugs or grass matting, while the walls will be draped in light cottons or silks. Emphasis here is very much on all things natural and is a mark of their respect and reverence for nature.