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Chinese dining room furniture

4 Living sell a range of Chinese dining room furniture in a contemporary Chinese style. Produced in both a deep, shiny black lacquer and a silky smooth linen white lacquer finish, our Chinese dining room furniture pieces will complement one another and form the perfect back drop not only to the fabrics and other soft furnishings within your dining room, but also, to other statement or accent furniture pieces you own.

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Black Lacquer Dining Room Furniture

Our Chinese dining room furniture ranges have been specifically designed to create a wonderful oriental feel within your dining room space. A stylish design technique is to add complementary white leather dining chairs to a black lacquer dining table. It’s important to have well upholstered white leather which perfectly offsets the darkness of the black lacquer finish – artificial alternatives just don’t stack up to the real thing. As well as dining tables and chairs, oriental black lacquered sideboards will provide you with contemporary style as well as some useful storage space.

The black lacquer finish provides a strong dark base colour which is the perfect canvas upon which to accessorise. We have chosen to upholster our dining chairs in cream as we feel this best displays the contrast and the depth of colour in the lacquered wood, but you could just as effectively choose dining room chairs upholstered in reds, greens or in gold depending on the décor of your room.

If you are looking for your dining room to present an authentic Chinese or oriental feel, then we’d suggest the inclusion of reds and greens in your dining room colour scheme. The colour palette of your dining room would then consist of black, cream, red and green. Black corresponds with water in the Chinese tradition; cream/yellow represents the Earth, red signifies fire, and green denotes wood or the power of nature. Combined, these colours will create a sense of balance and harmony which is a central theme in oriental design.

Nature can play a further part in the décor which surrounds your Chinese dining room furniture with the inclusion of natural flooring and natural cottons and silks covering the walls. In a traditional Chinese dining room, hard wearing materials like wood and stone topped with rush matting are often used for the flooring and walls are often draped in colourful cottons or silks. A well placed mirror will reflect the colours and the strength of the wood, whilst also enhancing the size and airiness of the space.

Once you have selected your perfect dining table, you can accessorise it with contemporary lamps and candles in order to inject some colour and a more homely feel. Oriental sideboards and cabinets are great for storing dining room items which might otherwise take up too much surface space.

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White Lacquer Furniture

Our white lacquer Chinese dining room furniture has been created to the same exacting standards and high quality as its black lacquer counterparts. Our range of oriental furniture features pieces for the living room, bedroom and dining room, all produced to the very highest standards and coordinating perfectly with one another.

Our white lacquered furniture range contrasts beautifully with the dark woods of some older houses and so will stand out well in these environments. It also looks equally at home when set alongside the lighter wood shades pine and ash.

The silky smooth, creamy linen white finish of our white lacquered furniture will stand out well against a backdrop of rich dark reds, chocolate browns and mauves and it’ll look just as good set against other accent colours like blues, yellows and greens. In fact, choosing white furniture is ideal if you like to frequently update your colour scheme but without having to buy new furniture.

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Chinese Accent Furniture Pieces

The use of accent colours within a room is a very popular, stylish and effective way of drawing the eye to a certain area, or to a specific piece of furniture. With this in mind, we offer a select number of highly prized, individual, hand crafted accent furniture pieces that will grace any living room, dining room or bedroom with their presence. Imagine, for example, your linen white lacquered living room furniture teamed with pastel blue soft furnishings and complimented by a beautiful traditional Chinese cabinet with hand painted artwork.

Chinese dining room furniture doesn’t just have to be in a simple, minimalist style. The traditional designs and artwork of the orient make for a wonderful accent piece when turned into a statement wardrobe or cabinet. The ‘upcycled’ handmade feel of a traditional style butterfly cabinet sets it apart from the mass-produced, artificial look of modern furniture.. The contemporary lacquer colour and beautifully hand painted butterfly design create a unique piece of furniture which will grace any home.

A beautiful style of oriental cabinet is an older piece which has been brought stunningly up to date with a modern and vibrant coloured lacquer or decoration, resulting in a piece that will sit happily in today’s contemporary home. With round brass face plates representative of eternity on the outside and a hand painted cascade motif in fuchsia pink and gold on the inside, it will form a stunning centrepiece to any room of the house.