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  • Chinese Beds

Chinese Beds

4 Living specialise in high quality Chinese beds to suit many home designs and atmospheres. As part of the contemporary oriental lacquer range, this includes furniture for the bedroom, living room and dining room. Neutral colours such as black and cream white are perfect for an oriental bed – they won’t clash with any existing colours in the bedroom, so you won’t have to completely redesign your room around the bed. Chinese beds are beautiful and refreshing additions to any bedroom.

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About our Chinese Beds

As well as the usual double, king and super king, Chinese beds are often available in bespoke sizes, enabling you to really personalise your room. Oriental black lacquer beds have tremendous versatility: they can complement existing wood tones, flat colours or patterns as well as being the centrepiece to a room if necessary. The texture and colour of the black oriental lacquer can really enhance the depth of a colour to create a warm living space; it can also work as a feature piece alongside lighter, more natural colours.

A comfortable and relaxing bedroom area with the feeling of warmth and separation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is essential in the modern home. Whereas in a living area you might choose to fill a room with natural wooden tones such as those found in oak or teak, in a bedroom you might choose a design scheme with deeper colours and tones. A black lacquer Chinese bed is the perfect fit for this style of bedroom and works wonderfully with deep red and brown tones, as well as providing a refreshing contrast to a lighter interior.

White Chinese Lacquer

White furniture works exceptionally well in spacious and airy spaces, as well as creating and emphasising light in a smaller space. If you require a bedroom to be a light place of relaxation, the white oriental bed is the perfect fit as its simple colour and design will make it an essential piece of the room but will not visually dominate the space as much as a darker piece might.

The ‘off white’ colour of the Chinese lacquer maintains the natural feel that is a constant throughout the 4 Living range. The unique golden brown distressed edging of oriental furniture maintains a handmade and traditional appearance. Where some traditional Chinese beds might sit too low for comfortable every day use, the Oriental lacquer beds from 4 Living are high enough to maintain practicality and, of course, give a contemporary feel.

Chinese Bedroom Decoration

Traditional Chinese Bedroom decoration will often use a ‘feature’ wall with an oriental floral pattern to subtly highlight the bed area and add more colour to a room. A popular modern take on this style is the use of simple floral wallpaper on the wall behind the grooved headboard of the white or black bed. This simple, yet attractive design feature gives an authentically oriental feel.

4 Living's Range

The beds in the 4 Living Chinese black and white lacquer ranges are sturdy and resilient structures, which will be sure to stand the test of time. Strong and thick wooden slats will ensure that any kind of mattress sits comfortably and does not sink between the slats. A strong, resilient, stylish oriental bed will always be a worthwhile investment since, not only will it stand the test of time and every day use, the vintage Chinese design will suit any furniture changes around it so you won’t have to buy a new bed if you decide to update your decor.

Chinese beds have the benefit of simple lines, smooth surfaces and elegant minimalism: the perfect canvas on which to create your own personal oriental bedroom sanctuary. It’s important to really connect to your bedroom and feel completely at home, relaxed and at peace.

Most people like to have a few personal photos in their bedroom. Any simple wooden frame will compliment a black or white lacquer bed. If you can find a frame which looks hand painted, that’s even better. If you would like to have your photos and memories close to hand, but not necessarily on display, a distressed leather-bound photo album is a beautiful vintage accessory for an oriental bedroom. This classic look can be achieved relatively inexpensively, which is always a bonus. Simply find an old leather-bound book in a charity shop or bookshop, and replace the pages with a basic photo album. This is also a great accessory for the living room or dining room.

Whilst maintaining an oriental style, 4 Living have designed modern oriental lacquered beds which provide both essential practicality and an extremely attractive design.