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Chinese Bedroom Furniture - Creating a Chinese style bedroom

If you wish to create a Chinese style bedroom, you will need to invest in some good quality Chinese bedroom furniture. And where better to start than with the bed itself. Typically, a Chinese style bed will be quite low to the ground. It will be constructed of solid wood which is coated in black or white lacquer giving it a high shine finish. Chinese bedroom furniture doesn’t rely on overly elaborate decoration, so it will be quite simple in design with clean, straight lines.

Chinese Bedroom Furniture - click here to browse our range of black and white lacquer furniture.

For a calm, harmonious look, match your Chinese bed with coordinating black or white lacquered pieces that incorporate the same zen-like design elements. Choose Chinese style nightstands or bedside tables, Chinese style wardrobes, Chinese style chests and Chinese style console tables all similarly constructed of solid wood and lacquered to the same high gloss finish. Where detail is required at the handles and edges, for an authentic Chinese look choose pieces where these are also kept simple. Traditional style Chinese bedroom furniture concentrates on elegant simplicity and a design that is highly functional, with an emphasis on build quality, durability and style.

Our black and white lacquered furniture ranges for the bedroom consist of Chinese lacquered wardrobes, trunks, bedside tables, Chinese lacquered mirrors, sideboards and Chinese lacquered console tables. Each piece has been finished to the highest standard and has been designed to co-ordinate perfectly with the centrepiece of a Chinese style bedroom, your stunning black or white lacquer bed. An oriental bed, made from high quality timber, will provide the necessary support for your mattress. A good quality contemporary oriental bed will also have an extremely long lifetime, which will eliminate the need to buy a new bed every few years. A high quality oriental bed should be finished with several layers of black or white lacquer and will often be hand finished with wooden stressed edging detail.

It’s not all about the furniture though. Creating a Chinese style bedroom is about accessorising it properly and choosing the right colours. It’s about the inclusion and placement of key items and it’s about the exclusion of clutter. An Oriental bedroom design will make sure that the room works in all ways – that it feels relaxing, looks attractive and that there is room enough for each item to have enough space. Space is the key word here, if your room is small don’t clutter it up with bits and pieces – instead make it feel bigger by allowing key items room to breathe. Also consider adding white Chinese bedroom furniture in order to further reflect light around the room. Chinese interior design aims always for harmony and to create a sense of balance.

Décor within a Chinese style bedroom will invariably concentrate on a maximum of three colours, a soft, light colour, a mid range colour and a strong primary colour, quite often red. Fabrics will be natural, normally cottons and silks and will follow the same colour pattern. Wall to wall carpets do not generally feature in Chinese style bedrooms, the Chinese preferring rugs made from natural fibres.

At 4 Living we offer a range of Chinese bedroom furniture and accessories that are ideal for both modern and traditional homes alike. Our collection of bedroom furniture includes pieces made from oriental black and white lacquer and eco-friendly bamboo. We also stock a comprehensive range of furniture constructed from other woods such as solid walnut & cherry. Everything is available to create a matching and elegant Oriental boudoir.

How to Accessorise your Chinese Bedroom

Once you have got your Chinese bedroom furniture and established a simple oriental colour scheme, you are ready to accessorise the room in order to make it both fashionable and functional. It’s important to finish a room with classic design and personal touches. This helps it to feel like your own home environment, rather than a lifeless show home.

If you have a relatively small bedroom, walls of smooth block colours will give an impression of space and add to the relaxing atmosphere. However, in a larger bedroom, an uninterrupted painted wall can give the room a rather imposing and cavernous atmosphere. Oriental wall decorations are a fantastic way of softening the presence of too much wall space and creating a more intimate atmosphere. A quirky oriental style wall sticker is a fantastic way of adding contemporary style and traditional design to your Chinese bedroom. A huge variety of wall stickers are available depicting silhouettes of oriental bird cages, blossom, lanterns, and many other oriental themes.

If you want to add a more traditional oriental touch to your Chinese bedroom, vases and other ornaments will enable you to personalise, without losing touch of the oriental theme. One of the benefits of oriental design is that the designs are so simple and refined. This means you can add accessories to a Chinese bedroom which aren’t strictly Chinese, and get away with it. Moreover, it could look even better. A glazed vase with a complimentary colour (to your walls etc) will look superb on top of a black or white lacquer nightstand. Ceramics of all kinds often work well here, as the glaze of a vase is very much like the lacquer of Chinese furniture.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, why not try adding a vibrant accent colour. In a room full of oriental maroons and dark browns, a few bright orange, pink or even turquiose cushions and accessories will bring the traditional Chinese styles bang into the 21st century.

Chinese Bedroom Furniture - click here to browse our range of black and white lacquer furniture.