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Caring for Your Furniture

Once you have carefully selected and bought the right furniture to create the atmosphere and style to suit you, it is important to know how to maintain its beauty and elegance in the long term.

Caring for Your Lacquered Furniture

When caring for your white or black lacquer furniture it is important to remember that the attractive lacquer surface is actually several layers of chinese lacquer and that applying any abrasive detergents could seriously damage the surface. Any kind of scourer or a thick wire wool (less than ‘0000’) is also not advisable.

In order to remove finger prints and surface dirt from your oriental lacquer furniture simply use a dry soft polishing cloth, a microfiber E-cloth or a chamois leather cloth slightly damped with warm water. Proceed to buff with a soft cloth the original shine will return. When polishing your furniture be sure to use a natural non coloured beeswax such as Liberon, which is available at most DIY stores. This will keep the surface looking shiny and healthy.

Superficial scratches are bound to occur every now and then if a piece of furniture is a part of everyday life. Use a ‘0000’ grade wire wool which, once again, is available in most DIY retailers and gently use it in the direction of the existing lacquer. This should lift off any scratches and certainly soften harsher ones. If there is a larger chip or scratch which shows the natural wood of the furniture, simply order some lacquer from your retailer and apply carefully with a smooth piece of old cloth around your finger or with a 1mm artists paintbrush. Wait for the lacquer to dry, use the wire wool again and repeat the process until you have successfully built up the area to look good as new again.

Caring for Oak Furniture

With Oak furniture you will also have to avoid applying abrasive chemical detergents. Causing the surface to crack or swell can be a great shame when the piece is so beautiful. Oak wood furniture should also not be kept in an extremely dry or sunny environment such as a conservatory, in order to avoid excessive cracking.

Simply wash your oak wood with a damp cloth and a dash of soap if required. In order to maintain the nourished and natural look which makes oak so elegant, use a wood oil such as Liberon finishing oil. When applying the oil, be sure to go with the direction of the natural grain to leave the veneer intact. Any surface stains or scratches will usually come right out with some ‘0000’ grade wire wool applied in the direction of the natural grain. A damp cloth will remove any residue and return the oak to its natural state. Leave to dry and apply oil as a finishing touch.

Caring for Walnut Furniture

Walnut furniture is best kept out of constant direct sunlight in order to ensure durability and a long life. All walnut furniture will have been previously finished with a natural oil; this will help to prevent stains but cannot act as a complete guarantee against stains. The best way to remove anything likely to stain is to remove is straightaway with a damp cloth. The natural oil should then prevent the walnut from staining.

If a stain or a scratch does occur, then Hardwax walnut Osmo oil (750ml) is available from us (order by phone). Simply gently sand the affected area and build up with wax until repaired.

Caring for Teak Furniture

The nature of Teak furniture makes it exceptionally easy to care for as it is an extremely dense wood with a naturally high oil content. It is also extremely dense and durable, more so than any other wood used in furniture production. Thanks to this density, any stains or surface scratches should deeply penetrate the wood. In order to care for your teak furniture on a day-to-day basis, simply sponge with warm water and washing up liquid. This is the old fashioned, tried and tested, method which will give the teak a completely new and natural appearance.

As with anything valuable and important in your home, regular care and cleaning is the key to a long life.

Download a Furniture Care Guide

Black Lacquer Care Guide click here to view instructions on how to care for your furniture

Our Furniture Quality Guarantee

At 4 Living we make every effort to ensure your furniture arrives with you in good condition and stay that way too. You enjoy a full 12 month guarantee on faults in workmanship and materials in the unlikely event that your purchase shows a fault within that time. All we ask is that the furniture has been maintained in accordance with our care guides. If you have any further questions please contact us on 0800 75 65 199.