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How To Create The Ideal Living Room

Black living room furniture looks very chic and modern, but it can also act as a timeless classic. It works well in all styles of properties from sophisticated and trendy city apartments, to modern semis and more traditional homes and the overall effect depends on how you dress it. It is a good choice for rooms with lots of light as it brightens up this space and adds impact to this sociable room.

4 Living’s solid wood black living room furniture is built with the utmost care to stand the test of time. This is especially important in the living room because it is the space that is used most during the day. Living room furniture is used on a daily basis and is most prone to knocks and scratches, so it is worthwhile investing in high quality furniture for this part of the home.

4 Living black living room furniture includes coffee tables TV tables, coffee tables, side boards, side tables and cabinets. Black living room furniture is very versatile and there are many different looks you can achieve to create the perfect family room.

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Minimalist Look

The minimalist look is very modern and striking and looks great in the living room. To decorate the living room in this style this space should be clutter free and include lots of storage such as 4 Living’s oriental sideboard large and our Oriental TV table small. Suitable storage means you can hide things you don’t need on display – such as books, magazines and paperwork – so your living room space is much more organised and things can be found quickly and easily.

Add splashes of colour with large, dramatic pieces of wall art or a few well chosen ornaments. You can tone down the look and create a more cosy effect with the use of soft furnishings such as a luxurious textured cream rug. 4 Living’s woollen rug arctic is a great purchase for a monochrome sitting room as it makes this space feel more homely.

Go Monochrome

A 60s style monochrome look with black living room furniture can look stunning and adds instant glamour to the sitting room. Get creative and experiment with patterns such as black and white feature mirrors on the walls or a geometric rug.

This look doesn’t have to be stark as you can also inject accent colour such as reds, lime greens or Fuchsia. This can feature in the soft furnishings, ornaments or table lamps such as 4 Living’s mouth blown Mia glass silk table lamp with oval drum which will brighten up dark corners and add a cosy feel to the space.

Cosy and Inviting

Black living room furniture is ideal for a large room as it makes this space appear more snug. If you want a comfortable and welcoming feel to your sitting room the trick is to have plenty of soft furnishings in accent colours. You can either go traditional with neutral colours, such as beige and creams, or choose bright colours such as red, aqua blue, greens or dark pink. Use lots of textures such as fluffy cushions or faux fur throws.

Dark furniture can appear gloomy if the focus is just on the furniture. So soften the effect by bringing more light into the room with mirrors, such as 4 Living’s oriental square mirror and by adding table or floor lighting such as 4 Living’s Art Deco inspired brass floor lamp designed by Alexa Hampton. No sitting room should be without adequate lighting as this brightens areas of the living room, such as reading spaces, and makes this popular family room feel warm and cosy.

Go Oriental

With black living room furniture you can produce a timeless and oriental-inspired look to your family room. Black lacquered furniture dates back centuries in China and the painstaking lacquering process results in beautiful pieces which are highly resistant to knocks and scratches.

All of 4 Living’s black living room pieces have been lacquered seven times resulting in a stunning high-gloss finish that looks fantastic in this part of the home. If you want to get an oriental look to your living room, use accent colours such as red, greens, creams, gold and silver. These are important colours in Chinese interior design because they relate to water, fire, nature and earth. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo and stone are often used in Chinese interior design and it is worth considering these materials in your choice of ornaments and lighting.

4 Living Furniture

4 Living have a wide range of black furniture for the living room, dining room, study and bedroom. Each piece is individually hand crafted and is designed to complement one another perfectly.