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Black Lacquer Dining Tables

4 Living sell a range of lacquered wood furniture to suit both the contemporary and modern style home. This includes black lacquer dining tables available in a range of different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your dining room space. A black lacquer dining table is a bold, yet beautiful design piece.

The characteristically simple and clean lines of Chinese style, black lacquer furniture make it simple to decorate around and compliment, lending any dining room space, an opulence and sophistication that is both contemporary and classic.

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The Beauty of Black Lacquered Furniture

Black lacquered furniture not only looks great, it is incredibly durable too. These stylish pieces though made to look old, will stand the test of time to look as good as new for many years to come. The traditional touches of black lacquer dining tables ensure a soft and warm appearance, whilst contemporary lines mean they will never date.

Creating an Oriental Dining Room

A dining room should be a room which you want to spend time in, not a room which feels too formal or cold. Traditional Chinese design lays focus on the dining room, viewing it as one of the most important rooms in the home. An oriental dining room should have the lively atmosphere of a buzzing dinner party, as well as a Feng Shui sense of relaxation.

Why Black Furniture

Black Furniture can often come across as cold and lifeless. As a colour, black generally has negative connotations. In the case of black lacquered furniture, this could not be further from the truth. The golden distressed edging of black lacquered dining tables adds a homely touch of warmth to the dining room. A thick, artificial, matted finish would absorb light and create an unwelcoming environment; the subtle gloss of black lacquer reflects light and brightens up a room. A black lacquer dining table also leaves plenty of room for accessorising and changing designs, due to its neutral tone.

The final touch to your oriental dining room is supplied by a lovely oriental console table and square oriental mirror. The smooth black lacquer finish, stressed edging detail and oriental brass handles of an oriental console table will match the clean lines of an oriental mirror perfectly. Oriental furniture should always have a hand finished appearance; distressed edging and hand finished lacquer create a non-artificial piece, full of character.

Accessories your Dining Table

A dining room isn’t complete without the finishing touches needed to make it your own. Oriental design is synonymous with decorative ornaments and elegant sculpture, so you should find yourself spoilt for choice.

If you want to completely immerse your dining room in the orient, decorative Chinese fans or wall scrolls are the perfect affordable wall decorations. Put any fans, wall scrolls or decorations on a back wall; this way they will be grab attention the moment anyone enters the room. Oriental dining rooms are well known for their dark, warm colours, but don’t be afraid to use a simple white in order to create a contemporary monochrome dining room.

Once you have kitted out your walls, you can think about the ceilings. A simple cheap drum light shade will illuminate the room and compliment the minimalistic lines of a black lacquer dining table. More of an oriental statement piece would be an elegant oriental hanging lantern. Oriental lanterns are available in a variety of different finishes, and look great with a simple candle; this style gives a really good sense of the orient, as well as creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

A black lacquer dining table is a stunning contemporary design, but if you want to create an authentic oriental dining area, oriental table accessories are a must. Contemporary bamboo placemats and coasters will compliment the exposed wooden edging, as well the modern lines of the dining table. Bamboo is the perfect choice as it is a sustainable wood which is also has heat resistant properties, so you don’t have to worry about hot dishes damaging the black lacquer of the dining table.

A beautiful oriental centre piece will give you dining room a sense of occasion and really enable you to express your oriental style. Simple paper lanterns will brighten up your table, and they’re so easy to make yourself. The benefit of making table decorations yourself is that you can coordinate the colours and really take ownership of the design. A relaxing dinner party is not complete without a touch of nature. Ornamental branches or blossom will make an eye-catching and memorable centre piece. Although not exclusively, pink lilies will brighten up your black lacquer dining table and add an injection of colour.