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Chinese Lacquered Furniture

4 Living sell a range of Chinese black lacquer coffee tables made from reclaimed ash and pine wood which is lacquered many times for a glossy, high shine finish. They are designed with elegant proportions and built low to the ground in the classic oriental style. The finish of a black lacquer coffee table will perfectly complement the look of your contemporary Chinese style décor.

Black Lacquer Coffee Tables

A contemporary oriental black lacquer coffee table will have elements of traditional Chinese design, coupled with modern style. A very smooth, symmetrical coffee table can be given an oriental twist with grooved detailing and oriental style brass handles. A more traditional take on oriental style would be to use beautiful turned-wood ball-legs in order to create a coffee table full of tradition and character. Oriental lacquered coffee tables are finished with many layers of black lacquer giving them that unmistakable eastern feel.

Oriental black lacquer coffee tables adopt a similar design precept, in that they too are low slung. This harks back to a time when chairs were not widely used and instead people would sit or kneel on the floor whilst relaxing with their cup of coffee or tea. This however is where the similarities in design end; modern oriental black lacquer coffee tables are designed with an eye to the more contemporary orient, an orient of simple, clean and straight lines, of minimal fuss and maximum functionality.

With functionality in mind, oriental coffee tables are often designed with drawers for the easy storage of magazines, newspapers, books and the like. Commonly, they are also finished in smooth black lacquer and have a lovely distressed edging detail.

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The Importance of the Coffee Table

A coffee table has many uses. Generally placed in the centre of a room or alongside seating, it provides an attractive and useful surface upon which to place newspapers, magazines and other reading material or to rest tea and coffee cups. It can also be used as a platform for the remote controls for the television, the DVD player, the stereo or lighting.

If you have younger ones, you may well find that your coffee table provides them with a surface at just the right height for drawing or painting, but we would urge that you put something in place to protect the top of your coffee table should they be using it for such purpose.

Coffee tbles are also very useful for those days when you want a relaxed TV dinner, providing a handy support for your plates, cutlery and condiments, which can all be easily reached from the comfort of your armchar or sofa!

Creating the perfect Chinese style living room

To create a contemporary Chinese living room design complete with seating and storage, compliment your Chinese style coffee table with other pieces of Chinese style furniture, such as the Chinese style sideboard or side table and the Chinese style TV table and cabinet. Here at 4 Living, we stock a full range of black lacquer furniture to complement our lacquered coffee tables.

You can further complement the look of your Chinese living room by adding mirrors, rugs, natural flooring, lighting and soft cushions. When going for the authentic Chinese look, you should bear in mind the importance of colour. The colour palette adopted in many typical Chinese homes centres on the darker tones of red and black and the lighter tones of green and cream or yellow. Sticking to these colour ways will ensure that your living room portrays an authentic, yet modern Chinese look.

Accessorise your Coffee Table

Decorative sculptures and ornaments are synonymous with oriental and Chinese style. Black lacquer coffee tables are so refined and simple that they can really show off the beauty of an oriental centre piece. A coloured oriental vase will add a welcome injection of colour to the minimalist, neutral tones of oriental furniture.

Also available - White lacquer Coffee Tables

As well as smooth black lacquer, contemporary oriental coffee tables looks great in a white lacquer finish which creates a very different style within the home. With white lacquer, a lighter, airier feel can be created which is great for smaller rooms as it helps to reflect light, making the room feel brighter and larger.

It’s important that your oriental lacquer coffee table matches the rest of your home. If you have lots of wooden furniture, an exposed wood grain (created with a thin layer of lacquer) will help your coffee table to blend into the room. If you are looking for a very contemporary look, a thicker smooth lacquer finish will provide you with a beautiful contemporary surface. Complimentary pieces such as white lacquer sideboards, white lacquer chests, white lacquer ottomans and TV tables are great additions to your oriental coffee table.