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Contemporary Indoor Lighting: Choosing

Lighting For Your Living Room


When choosing contemporary indoor lighting for your living room, consider how the room is used. Is it a family room for children who like to play and watch TV? Or is it a more relaxed environment in which you like to unwind at the end of the day? If the room is used for a combination of reasons then a mix of ambient, task and feature lighting may be required to offer versatile lighting for a range of activities.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting literally creates the ambiance in a room. It can be supplied by a single, central ceiling light or by several recessed, ceiling mounted down lighters. This is particularly effective when used together with dimmer switches. In this way, you can regulate the amount of light in your living room, increasing it for greater brightness or lowering it to create a more restful feel. Floor and table lamps make good use of ambient light and since these are not fixed in any one position, they can be moved around to suit any redecoration or rearrangement of furniture.

Task lighting

This is used to direct strong light to a specific area. A favourite reading chair or writing desk may have a task light close by. When properly positioned, this should illuminate the area without casting shadows so as to prevent eyestrain. Task lighting can also be used to highlight sculptures or paintings.

Feature lighting

Feature lighting is functional in that it adds light to a room, but it is also flamboyant and the light fitting itself is used as part of the room's decoration. Often feature lighting is used to create a focal point - such as in the hanging of a beautiful crystal chandelier.

Here at 4 Living we offer a beautiful selection of table lamps made from hand blown glass, metal and wood. Designed to match beautiful with our contemporary oriental furniture, these stylish additions will add the finishing touches to your living room lighting scheme.

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4 Living's Living Room Lighting Tips

* Decide on a style and match your lighting to the decoration of your room. A contemporary living room needs equally modern lighting created with simple clean lines and elegant proportions. Choose overhead lighting that is bright enough to illuminate most of the room. Use a dimmer switch fitting to provide control over the light levels at different times of the day.

* Allow as much natural light into the living room as possible. The soothing and calming effects of natural light are well documented, and good natural light will help you feel energised.

* Position a number of table lamps around the room to light up dark corners. These will also create a warm ambient glow for cosy, intimate evenings. Choose lamps to fit the furniture they will be positioned on.

* Try to ensure that the light from a television is not the only source of light in the room. Lights in alcoves or wall mounted up lighters will help to deflect the glare and make it easier on your eyes.