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Contemporary Indoor Lighting: Choosing

Lighting For Your Dining Room


When choosing the correct lighting for your dining room, consider the types of occasions that this room will be used for. It may be that you use your dining room every day for your evening meal; or maybe you just use it at the weekends or for special occasions. Take into account, the size of the room, the amount of wall space you have available and the ceiling height.

Large wall spaces could quite easily accommodate three to four wall lights per side. Placed on opposite sides of the room, this figure doubles to six or eight. Consider how much light these six or eight light fittings will put out. Will that be enough to illuminate the room properly?

If the room is big enough, you may wish to invest in a glass or crystal chandelier. If this is to hang above a dining room table, consider the ceiling height and the available space from the top of the table to the ceiling itself.

A central ceiling mounted pendant light may hang over the dining table and it may be possible to raise or lower the pendant to suit your lighting needs. If this is operated via a dimmer switch, the lighting can be changed to reflect the mood of the evening.

You may prefer the modern look of spotlights or recessed ceiling mounted down lighters. Try to ensure that these are trained on to items of furniture or fixtures that will not be moved. This will avoid the look of a spotlight simply playing onto floorboards or carpeting.

Walls can be fitted with matching wall lights, wall washers, up lighters or down lighters achieving dramatic effects through the use of light and shadow.

Don't forget to add a selection of table lamps or floor lamps to complete your lighting scheme. These will help to light up dark corners and create a cosy ambient glow.

Here at 4 Living we offer a beautiful selection of table lamps made from hand blown glass, metal and wood. Designed to match beautiful with our contemporary oriental furniture, these stylish additions will add the finishing touches to your new dining room design.

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4 Living's Dining Room Lighting Tips

Create the right mood for your dining room lighting taking into account the shape and size of the room. Plan the positioning of your wall lights to make the most of the space available.

Decide on a focal point in the room. Is there are piece of art or sculpture that you would like to highlight or, would you like your guests to comment on the lights themselves?

Ensure that any pendant light fitting is hung at exactly the right height. It should not be too high or too low. A recommended height is approximately 32 inches above the surface of your table.

If you want to use crystal or glass chandeliers in your dining room, install clear bulbs, not the opaque ones. A clear bulb will add to the sparkle effect and give a brilliant shine.

Ceiling mounted down lighters will bathe the table in light. These can be operated by dimmer switch to compliment the mood of the evening. If your tabletop is made of glass, use a diffuser to reduce reflection.