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Contemporary Indoor Lighting: Choosing

Lighting For Your Bedroom



Whatever size of bedroom you have, from single to grand master suite, it is probably used for more than just sleeping. You might be getting ready for work and getting changed in it. You might be doing your make up and hair in it. You might be relaxing or reading in it. Whatever you are doing, you will need the right level of lighting and the modern bedroom can be lit in several different ways.

Most commonly, the contemporary bedroom is lit via a central, ceiling mounted pendant light. This form of light hangs down from the ceiling as if on a pendant and is sometimes combined with fixed wall lights or bedside table lamps.

Table lamps are a versatile addition, allowing you to read without having to put the main overhead light on. If wired to a switch by the side of the bed, you needn't even get up to turn the light off - just perfect for those cold winter evenings. When reading in bed it is recommended that your light shine from over your shoulder, straight onto the page. This will eliminate shadow and reduce eyestrain. An anglepoise lamp is particularly useful for this purpose, since it can easily be placed in exactly the right position. The swinging arm also allows for easy adjustment should you wish to change position.

Here at 4 Living we offer a beautiful selection of bedside table lamps made from hand blown glass, metal and wood. Designed to match beautiful with our contemporary oriental furniture, these stylish additions will add the finishing touches to your bedroom lighting scheme.

Contemporary Indoor Lighting - click here to view our beautiful table lamps.

4 Living's Bedroom Lighting Tips

* Decide on the style of your bedroom and choose the lighting to match. There is a wonderful range of contemporary indoor lighting available, to compliment any design style.

* Placing a stylish and contemporary lamp on either side of the bed will create a feeling of balance and harmony within the room. Ensure your bedside lamps match with the room's décor and also work with the size of the bedside tables. It is important to get the sizing right but also, not difficult since somehow, you can just tell what looks right and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to experiment.

* Take note of the natural lighting levels in the room. If you normally like to retire to your chamber to read mid afternoon, note where the light falls to see whether you'll need to put a task light in place

* Be generous with natural light, allow as much of it into your bedroom as possible. It is relaxing and soothing and far and away the best light to read by.

* Getting dressed, the application of make-up and the process of shaving require as much light as possible. If natural light is limited, as in the early morning or evening, ensure that you have enough task lighting in place to help you see what you are doing.