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White Lacquer Furniture – What Does Your

Furniture Choice Say About You?


There are many influencing factors that lead you to decide exactly how you are going to furnish your home; you may have come across an item of white lacquer furniture on your travels or seen the style in a home furnishing magazine or round at a friend’s house. Perhaps you saw it on television. Either way, you will have noticed its appeal and you will have noted that it says something about the sort of person you are.

So what does the choice of white lacquer furniture say about you?

Just like your clothes, your car and even your job, your choice of furniture says a great deal about who you are and how you like to live your life. For example; if you were the type of person that insisted upon recycled or second hand furniture, regardless of colour or style, it could be concluded that you’d be the type to jump in with both feet and try to save the planet with scant regard for your own personal safety or welfare. This might also be evident from your choice of clothing and the car you drive, if indeed you drive a car at all.

If on the other hand, you were all into brightly coloured plastics, metals and the latest gadgetry, it might equally be concluded that a certain sense of tradition and style were lacking and that you were always on the lookout for the next best thing regardless of whether in fact, it turned out to be better or not.

Your choice of modern white lacquer furniture says you appreciate the older traditions of style and quality and embrace those newer technologies that allow us to benefit from them today.

A home furnished in white lacquer furniture presents a picture of someone who embraces new ideas and contemporary style. What's more this person is respectful of the environment.

This is because modern white lacquer furniture pieces combine elegant, contemporary design with materials taken from renewable and sustainable resources. They are built using the very latest techniques and are constructed to last and last.

White lacquer furniture pieces present a clean and aesthetically pleasing look to the eye as each piece has been designed to form part of a set and therefore match and co-ordinate perfectly with the other pieces in the range.

The 4 Living White Lacquer Range

Our range of white lacquer furniture for the dining room consists of an extendable dining table and chairs and a choice of large or small sideboards. We also have a range of white lacquered furniture for the sitting room or lounge consisting of coffee tables, side tables and TV cabinets and our range of white lacquered furniture for the bedroom includes white lacquered beds and wardrobes, white lacquer bedside tables or nightstands and white lacquered chests of drawers and blanket boxes. Also for the bedroom or even for your entrance hall, there is a white lacquered console table with a matching table or wall mounted mirror.

White Lacquer Furniture - Click here to browse our complete range.