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Stylish and beautiful, contemporary sofas provide the ideal retreat...
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Sofas & Chairs

Stylish and beautiful, contemporary sofas provide the ideal retreat after a hard day’s work or even after a hard day of relaxing! 4 Living believe their collection of contemporary sofas provide that perfect balance between contemporary, traditional, comfortable and stylish. When purchasing a new sofa, there are so many factors to take into account: Which colour? Which Fabric? Will it fit with other furniture in the room? What size? 4 Living pride themselves on providing an excellent and varied selection of contemporary sofas, as well as expert advice if you should need any help. 4 Living believe in striking a balance between comfort and aesthetic value. Contemporary sofas can be visually beautiful, but if they aren’t made to be used, they don’t deliver the full package. A sofa such as the ‘Ellipse’ sofa , designed by Conran, has stylish graphite coloured upholstery and an elegant contemporary design, but still has incredibly comfortable sofa cushions, filled with feather and foam. The ‘Chesterfield’ sofas are based on the classic Chesterfield brown leather design, with a subtle contemporary twist. This beautiful sofa is made from brown leather with a slight wear on it, creating a sense of vintage character. The iconic brown leather buttons of the sofa are situated on the back and arms, however not on the seat cushions. The sofa seat cushions are smooth brown leather in order to provide comfort, as well as style. These contemporary sofas sit on discreet caster wheels in order to allow easy movement. 4 Living’s ‘Buttoned’ fabric contemporary sofas strike the perfect balance between the vintage style of the ‘Chesterfield’ and the contemporary style of the ‘Ellipse’. The ‘Buttoned’ contemporary sofa comes in stylish, yet neutral beige, which will fit seamlessly with any other colours in the room. The rectangular lines and squared off edges are influenced by contemporary sofas, whereas the buttoned back-cushion is reminiscent of a more traditional sofa such as the ‘Chesterfield’. The sofa is extremely comfortable and the buttons are not unnecessarily prominent. The contemporary feel of the sofa is echoed in the stylish, squared off chunky wooden legs, which line up with the right angle of the sofa arm. If you are looking to make a real modern statement with your sofa, using vibrant colours, styles and fabrics, then perhaps the pink felt ‘Chester’ sofa is for you. The ‘Chester’ is made from vibrant hot pink woollen felt and is extremely up-to-date in design. These contemporary sofas have no separate cushions as they are all fashioned into one beautiful felt form. The legs are available in different colours in order to suit the room.

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