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Natural Cot Mattresses

Making sure your kids are healthy is, of course, a parent's number one priority...
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Natural Cot Mattresses

Making sure they eat healthy food, get enough exercise and stay clean are great ways in which to keep your son or daughter healthy and happy! The reason organic food is so important is because of its complete lack of chemicals. During a child's formative years, being in a chemical free environment can only be a good thing.

As retailers of high quality natural mattresses for adults, 4 Living are now happy to offer the same for children. Natural childrens mattresses represent a care for the little details which can have an impact on health as well as the environment. Our range of mattresses are made from the highest quality natural materials, without having to compromise support of comfort.

As well as limiting the amount of artificial fabrics your child comes into contact with, natural mattresses also help to provide the support and comfort that a growing child needs. The supportive and comfortable nature of natural latex, coupled with the cooling properties of wool, are the perfect combination for a childrens mattress.

Most of our childrens mattresses also have a layer, or whole side, of rubberised coir (coconut fibre). A rubberised coconut fibre side gives the mattress an extra foundation of support, as well as providing a choice for your child. The choice between a firmer and softer side means your child will essentially have the choice of two sides.

Some of the big chemical contaminant which we encounter on a day-to-day basis are the chemical fire retardant sprays which are sprayed on to mattresses ans sofas. By law, fabric items of this size must be declared 'fire retardant'. Have no fear! A natural wool wrap around the mattress will provide your mattress with natural fire retardant qualities, removing the need for potentially harmful chemicals.

4 Living's entire range of natural mattresses are designed for comfort as well as to provide a chemical free sleeping environment. The collection of natural childrens mattresses ranges of cot mattresses, right through to their teenage years.

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