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4 Living's range of organic anti allergy mattresses are made using only natural...
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4 Living's range of organic anti allergy mattresses are made using only natural components from certified organic sources. The range of mattresses is made by Welsh brand, Abaca, and German brand, Prolana; both of whom are renowned for the quality of their organic mattresses, as well as the care with which they're made. If you suffer from allergies, it's important that have a sleeping environment free of any chemical exposure or artificial fibres. The only way to truly know exactly what's in your mattress is with an organic anti allergy mattress. Common conditions such as eczema, asthma or hay fever can all benefit from the pure and natural sleeping environment, created by an anti allergy mattress. As well as being suitable for allergy sufferers, all of the mattresses in 4 Living's collection are built to provide a luxury level of comfort using the highest quality organic wool, organic cotton, organic rubberised coconut fibre (coir), organic mohair and organic horse. Many allergies can cause uncomfortable night's sleep, and 4 Living are committed to providing a range which caters for all preferences. Overheating can be a big problem for allergy sufferers, and can cause serious discomfort during the night. Unlike petroleum based memory foam mattresses, 4 living's natural latex mattresses are able to regulate both temperature and moisture through the use of organic wool. You might associate wool with warmth, but the organic wool used in our natural latex and organic pocket sprung mattresses actually helps to regulate your body temperature throughout the night. A combination of the organic cotton cover and the organic wool also helps to wick sweat, lessening the chances of a hot and bothered night. Many of the fabrics used in conventional mattresses can contain traces of strong chemical pesticides and insecticides, which are exactly the kind of substance you need to avoid if you have a sensitive allergy. Cotton is the best example of a fabric which has come into contact which high-strength industrial chemical pesticides. Roughly 25% of the world's chemical pesticides are sprayed onto the cotton plants which will ultimately become our t-shirts, bed linen and, of course, mattresses. The cotton used in all of 4 Living's mattresses is certified as organic which is a legal guarantee that it has not come into contact with chemical pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers. Chemical pesticides such as Aldicarb have been directly linked to asthma and other breathing and skin conditions, and it's quite possible that the cotton used in a non-organic mattress has come into contact with such chemicals. Because of the its natural density and the way it is expertly moulded, natural latex does not gather dust easily; this makes it an incredibly inhospitable environment for dust mites. However, if dust mites are a particular worry, you can treat your mattress with a nimh spray, a natural 100% chemical-free dust mite treatment. You also won't have to worry about the need for chemical fire-proofing. Many mattress retailers will lead you to believe that chemical fire-proofing is a legal necessity, when actually the organic wool used in 4 Living's organic mattress collection passes all of the official UK fire regulation tests. All of the mattresses in this collection are suitable for those suffering from allergies. The entire collection is chemical-free and certified as organic by the Soil Association or carry the Global Organic Textile Standard mark (the equivalent global body for organic certification). You can try any of our mattresses n our Sussex showroom, or chat to our team of mattress experts on the phone or online.
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