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All Organic Mattresses

4 Living offer an extensive collection of organic mattresses suitable for all...
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All Organic Mattresses

4 Living offer an extensive collection of organic mattresses suitable for all shapes, sizes and ages. Buying a healthy and environmentally friendly organic mattress shouldn't mean compromising on luxury or comfort; different firmnesses, specialist mattresses and bespoke sizes enable you to find the mattress to suit you. What is an organic Mattress? It may seem slightly unusual to see a mattress referred to as 'organic' however the organic cotton, wool, coconut fibre and natural latex used in our organic mattresses collection have tremendous health, environmental and comfort benefits. All of our organic mattresses are entirely free from chemical pesticides, fertilisers or any other artificial components. These chemicals can be harmful to your heath, as well as the environment. The chemicals in non-organic cottons and wools can cause discomfort to those with sensitive skin or any skin conditions. Organic mattresses can't improve your skin, but they can help to ensure you sleep in the most pure and clean environment possible. Cotton plants, sprayed with chemical stabilisers and fertilisers, are among the thirstiest plants on the planet. It takes six pints of water for one plant to grow a single cotton bud, whilst a cotton plantation can essentially wipe out an entire local eco-system. The organic cotton used in our organic mattresses requires half the water of its non-organic brother and, as a result, can grow side by side with other plants. Our Organic and 100% Natural Latex Mattresses We are proud to offer high quality natural latex mattresses from Abaca, who are based in Wales, and Prolana, who are based in Germany. Natural latex is the closest natural alternative to memory foam, in terms of its luxurious feel and bodily support. However, unlike petroleum based memory foam, natural latex is not made using artificial chemicals. Natural latex is simply the frothed -up sap of the rubber tree, expertly baked into a mattress. Natural latex, along with organic wool, has fantastic temperature and moisture regulating qualities (a common complaint with memory foam is that it is prone to overheating). As well as natural latex mattresses, 4 Living offer pocket sprung mattresses, coconut fibre children's mattresses and combinations of springs or coconut fibre and latex. Some people prefer, and have become accustomed to, pocket sprung mattresses but would like an organic alternative or perhaps a touch more luxury. A mattress which is half pocket sprung and half natural latex will provide a good balance between a bit of a bounce and a supportive mattress. Your Perfect Mattress Abaca provide us with soil association certified organic mattresses made with natural latex, organic cotton and organic welsh wool. Prolana specialise in making organic mattresses for different body types and preferences. Everyone has different preferences, body types and budgets, so why should everyone have the same type of mattress? Our organic mattresses are specifically engineered to suit all kinds of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your side, front or back, or a combination of the three, 4 Living's range of mattresses will include something to suit you. Our range of mattresses will usually come with the option of a soft, medium or firm firmness, and your choice will depend on your preference and body type. Every mattress has a slightly different feel to it, just like every person has a different preference. We are also proud to offer a mattress which has two separate halves, and enables couples to each get the level of support and comfort they need without having to compromise with what the other person prefers. Our side sleepers mattress has a slight depression in the shoulder area, which enables better spinal alignment and blood flow. A mattress for front and back sleepers will have good all-round support when there are multiple points of contact. This attention to detail enables you to make the investment in a high quality mattress with the knowledge that it's perfectly suited to you.

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