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The addition of a stylish contemporary mirror can increase the light, space...
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The addition of a stylish contemporary mirror can increase the light, space and atmosphere of a room dramatically. 4 Living’s collection of stunning contemporary mirrors is made with a range of different materials and methods. A mirror can be something to check your make-up in, a decorative wall feature or a way spreading light throughout a room; 4 Living believe their collection of mirrors can fulfil every one of these demands - in a stunning contemporary style. 4 Living’s collection of mirrors all have a hint of contemporary style. However, some of the mirrors have been influenced by traditional and vintage styles, which create a wonderful juxtaposition between modern and traditional. The ‘Little Lady’ mirror is the perfect example of how contemporary design can look fantastic with simple traditional influences. The smooth glass mirror is crafted into the shape of a more traditional wall mirror. An entirely mirrored face is an extremely contemporary design style but the traditional shape prevents the mirror from looking too cold and harsh. The rounded edges mean the mirror will look great as part of a featured wallpaper wall. Mirrors don’t just have to sit on walls like picture frames; you can really get creative when choosing and placing your mirror. The ‘Level 2’ mirror is a stylish 8’ horizontal mirror which is a beautiful design feature at eye level; elevating the focus of the room to that height. Perfect for that last minute check, before you head out. A stylish mirror can manipulate and spread light in order to create a greater sense of light and space in the room. A mirror such as the ‘Basic Black’ has a large face; ensuring that a small room will look larger. The ‘Basic Black is a long mirror which can sit on the floor without having to be hung up. Many of the mirrors in 4 Living’s contemporary mirror collection have stylish design quirks; making them all the more unique and interesting. Many couples like to have a mirror in the bedroom, in which to get ready before braving the world. Why crowd over one mirror when you can have one each? The stylish ‘Adam & Eve’ and ‘Marcella & Marcella’ pairs of mirrors are perfect for the modern couple with quirky design taste. The ‘Adam’ mirror is the silhouette of a man and the ‘Eve’ mirror is the silhouette of a woman. The ‘Marcel’ and ‘Marcella’ mirrors are in the shape of male and female garments respectively. The mirror hangs on a coat hanger, and can also be hung on any edge with a pronounced lip; a wonderful contemporary design feature.

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