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Walnut Furniture

With amazing contemporary walnut furniture brands such as Ethnicraft, Artisan and Kluskens, 4 Living are committed giving you the most beautiful solid Walnut furniture and to achieving the most...
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Walnut Furniture

Walnut Sideboards
Walnut Dining Tables
Walnut Bedroom Furniture
Walnut Coffee Tables

contemporary and elegant designs, as well as using the highest quality of solid walnut. Walnut has the benefit of having a rich tone and beautiful grain, even without any stain or varnish.

Contemporary furniture and contemporary interior design are all about finding new and exciting ideas. The modern walnut furniture from 4 Living, approaches furniture design from a different angle. It finds beauty through simplicity.

Walnut bedroom furniture

If you are looking to create a sense of warmth and comfort in your bedroom, then walnut bedroom furniture such as the dark American Walnut bed will be the perfect fit. The rich grain of the American walnut, along with the minimalist contemporary design makes for a really original and elegant piece. The clean lines and natural appearance will ensure any bed sheets, curtains or soft furnishings will look great alongside it. (Reds and Maroons will really bring out the colour in the grain). The bed is made using the highest quality of walnut and to for Living extremely high standards of construction- meaning you can rest at ease, knowing you’ve made a worthwhile investment.

If you are looking for a piece of walnut bedroom furniture which will really stand out and make a statement, then the ‘Miri’ wardrobe is for you. The ‘Miri’ walnut wardrobe is made from black American walnut and displays a stunning array or different walnut tones. The wardrobe is available with two doors; a very stylish storage solution, or is available as the majestic three door 170cm wide version. The three door version has a three sections: a door on each side of a central section, which comprises of four storage drawers with a smaller cupboard door sitting on top. It’s very rare that a real design statement can be made with such a minimal design. The nature of walnut makes it possible.

Walnut living room furniture

Whether you are looking to add natural tones or contemporary lines to your living room, the selection of walnut living room furniture including coffee tables, sideboards and side tables will suit your needs! If you are looking to maintain a minimalist style by using clean lines and spaces, then the handsome grain and brushed steel of the ‘Ligna’ walnut range will do the trick. The ‘Ligna’ TV table is the ultimate in contemporary living room furniture additions. The walnut table sits relatively low to the ground, atop attractive brushed steel legs. The steel legs provide spacing between the floor and the walnut unit, which helps the living room to flow and not abruptly stop.

The attractive and rich nature of walnut means that it doesn’t have to dominate a piece in order to stand out. This is exemplified in the modern and minimalistic ‘Walnut & Steel’ coffee table, which comprises of a solid walnut top sitting on an attractive brushed stainless steel frame. The benefit of the pieces in the ‘Walnut & Steel’ range is that they won’t command too much attention or overpower a room, they will simply improve and contribute to a relaxing Zen-like atmosphere.

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