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Solid Oak TV Units

4Living's beautiful collection of contemporary solid wood TV units are...
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Solid Oak TV Units

4Living's beautiful collection of contemporary solid wood TV units are the ideal pieces of furniture for the modern home. Finding the right TV table can often be problematic, with all homes having slightly different requirements. The collection provides plenty of variety in style, which will enable you to find the perfect TV unit for your living room. The collection of solid oak TV units in 4 Living's contemporary oak furniture collection provides the perfect balance of practical storage and modern aesthetics. Oak has been used to make furniture for centuries, and is sometimes viewed as dull and predictable as a result. Thanks to Belgian design company, Ethnicraft, 4 Living are able to offer a collection of solid oak furniture which breathes an injection of contemporary life into the beautiful solid wood. Unlike a lot of the cheaper, veneered alternatives, solid oak is an incredibly hard-wearing and durable material with which to manufacture high quality contemporary furniture. Its solid, natural qualities makes it perfect for the smooth and chunky designs in 4 Living's collection of solid oak TV units. A TV unit is a piece of furniture which needs to be able to withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday life, without losing its eye-catching contemporary appearance. You shouldn't have to settle for a flimsy plastic TV stand because you're worried about investing in a piece of contemporary furniture which will get damaged; the collection of solid oak TV units are more than durable enough to suit your needs. TVs often occupy corners and alcoves, but to this work with the rest of the room you have to have the right TV unit. The collection of solid oak TV units features units of many different shapes and sizes, enabling you to fill that alcove or niche, without having to compromise on style. All of 4 Living's oak TV units exhibit the perfect juxtaposition of natural oak grain and contemporary minimalistic style. Fitting a TV into a home with traditional features can often be difficult, but the design and material of an oak TV unit can help to bridge the gap between tradition and technology. If you have a lot of electrical equipment, as well as your TV, a contemporary solid oak TV unit with plenty of storage space is the ideal piece of furniture for your living room. A solid oak TV table with plenty of storage will enable you to hide away any unsightly cables, DVD players or digital boxes and maintain a minimalist style in your living room. Most of the solid oak TV units in 4 Living's contemporary living room furniture collection is made from simple, smooth solid oak. However, there are a few pieces which show a different side of oak. We're all used to the traditional, beautifully soft grain of oak, but it can actually be made into a warm and rich wood. When expertly steamed under high pressure, oak takes on a richer, darker tone, which is perfectly suited to a warm and cosy living room environment. As well as steamed oak, 4 Living's range of solid oak TV units also includes pieces which combine brushed stainless steel and oak, combined with the same high quality oak. The juxtaposition between natural oak, and a man-made material like steel, creates an eye-catching and elegant piece of contemporary furniture with a hi-tech twist, helping to connect the solid oak to the technology of the TV. The television is an important part of most contemporary living rooms, so it really is important to incorporate it in the right way. 4 Living's extensive selection of solid oak units will help you find exactly the right fit for your living room.
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