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Storage Cabinets

Contemporary storage cabinets are the perfect household storage solution...
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Storage Cabinets

Contemporary storage cabinets are the perfect household storage solution and the perfect addition to a modern home. The beauty of a stylish contemporary storage cabinet from 4 Living is that you won’t have to compromise functionality to achieve style and vice versa. A combination of the highest quality designs and wood tones, make 4 Living's collection of contemporary storage cabinets must have additions to the modern home.

Oriental Lacquer Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets don’t just have to be somewhere to store clutter. With the right design and colour, they can be elegant additions to even the most stylish of rooms. The luxurious depth and character of 4 Living's contemporary oriental storage cabinets bring something different to the table (or storage cabinet). A slim oriental storage cabinet, which is available in black lacquer or a subtle cream lacquer, is perfect for storing books, DVDs or CDs. Shelves and a drawer provide a surprising volume of storage for such a petite and stylish piece. A larger, more majestic oriental wardrobe will inject style, as well as functionality, into any room. The size and design of a large oriental cabinet, with its round brass handles and Chinese style detailing, make it a real statement piece.

If you are looking to add even more luxurious colour and vibrancy into a room, with more of an oriental statement piece, 4 Living also have some beautiful and colourful storage cabinets in a more traditional oriental style. A vibrant red storage cabinet is the perfect way to exhibit the beauty of oriental design and make a really eye-catching design statement. A poetic gold motif provides the oriental storage cabinets with a soft and elegant touch.

Contemporary Oak Storage Cabinets

4 Living are committed to looking at traditional styles or materials, from a contemporary standpoint. The perfect example of this is the selection of contemporary Oak storage cabinets. The density and quality of the Oak is perfectly demonstrated in our range of chunky Oak storage cabinets. One of the cabinets has cupboard space, as well as subtle shelves, which creates an unusual but seamless flow. Another very contemporary and linear approach to an Oak storage cabinet has rustic, yet symmetrical lines grooved across the solid Oak face of the cabinet. The balance and symmetry which the right angles of the piece provide, make for more than just an Oak storage cabinet.

Although an extremely popular style, chunky contemporary solid Oak cabinets aren't for everyone. If you are looking for a more linear and refined piece, a combination of brushed stainless steel and smooth Oak will be the perfect storage cabinet for you.

Teak Storage Cabinets

A storage cabinet is a fairly straightforward piece of furniture, so it can become difficult to find really interesting and unique designs. But if you want something a bit different, consider a Teak storage cabinet. With contemporary furniture design, there is often a tendency to 'overdesign' which can often ruin a piece which would otherwise have worked. Our range of beautiful Teak storage cabinets is the perfect example of a contemporary 'less is more' attitude which results in stunningly original designs suitable for any relaxing contemporary home.

A slatted Teak locker is refreshingly original bedroom addition with a distinctly natural, almost nautical feel to it. A Teak locker is simply a tall, thin storage cabinet with the bonus of a small floor footprint, providing useful storage without disrupting the flow of the room. Teak slats really show off the beauty of Teak grain and give the effect of outdoor decking. A Teak shoe storage cabinet is a refreshing and compact piece with a nourished Teak tone providing functional and stylish shoe storage to any hallway.

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